CFA Guest Artists

Part of the CFA student experience is being taught by guest artists.  These guest artists are professionals in the arts community, college professors or other specialists in the arts.  Below is a listing of some of the guest artists who have taught special classes to our CFA students.

Visual Arts

Brad Birchett
David Camden
Jeremy Drummond
Karen Hull
Brooke Inman
Michael Lease
Samuel Little
Matt Lively
Kirk O’Brien
Stanley Rayfield
Pam Sutherland
Catharine Wintory

Theatre and Musical Theatre

Erica Arvold
Addie Barnhart
Bard Unbound
Maura Cravey
Annie Colpitts
Patti D’Beck
Eva DeVirgilis
Deejay Gray (TheatreLab)
Georgia Farmer
Faith John
Michael Jones
Jennifer Hammond
Stephanie Hill
Christopher Hudert – Applause Unlimited
Daniel Johannesson
Jason Marks
Patrick Michael (Williamson)
Boomie Pedersen
Matt Polson
Anderson Pusey
Stephen Rudlin
Matt Shofner
Alana Smith
Durron Tyre
Sam Van Fossen
Raven Wilkes
Trent Williams
Scott Wichmann
Leslie Owens-Harrington


Abigail Axelrod
Caryn Brissey
Anna Canova
Cain Coleman
Beau Dobson
Thomas Jacobs
Michael Jarett
Charles Maybee
Johnnie Mercer
Cody Richardson
Natalie Russell
Kimberly Sikorsky
William Walker
Jamie Wolf
Margaret York
Natalie Russell