CFA Profile and Curriculum

CFA Program Highlights

  • Classes taught by a staff of professional educators actively involved in the arts community in the Richmond area.
  • A large budget for guest artists: professionals in our area or college or university specialists.
  • Emphasis is placed on exhibiting or displaying student work in Gallery shows, showcases, performances, etc.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the Richmond arts community, clubs, and honors organizations.
  • Offer knowledge of artistic skills necessary for successful art careers and higher education.


During a four year course of study, students will receive instruction in all the core subject areas listed below, with other classes added based on student needs and the availability of qualified guest instructors. Two credits are earned each year with successful completion of arts classes.  Students in all four levels in all curriculum areas earn Honors weighted credits.

Theatre                            Visual Arts

Acting techniques             Design/Composition

Script analysis                    Drawing

Creative writing                Painting

Audition preparation     Sculpture

Theatre history                 Art history/Aesthetics

Movement/Dance           Electronic Media

Speech, diction, voice    Printmaking

Improvisation                     Crafts

Directing                               Electronic Media

Technical theatre             Integrated Arts


Dance                          Musical Theatre

Ballet technique           Vocal training

Modern/Jazz                   Acting techniques

Tap                                        Dance techniques

African/Latin                  Improvisation

Kinesiology                      Music Theory

Choreography                Music/Theatre/Dance History

Improvisation                 Diction, speech

Dance History                Choreography

Audition preparation   Audition Preparation


Student demographics 2017-2018:   

Students from all of the nine high schools in Henrico County attend the Center for the Arts.

By curriculum area:                        Overall CFA:

Theatre:                64                          Freshmen:       66

Dance:                         60                          Sophomores:   71

Musical Theatre:   69                          Juniors:            64

Visual Arts:            81                         Seniors:             61


Application/Enrollment Criteria

  • Students are chosen for the CFA based on strengths and skills level exhibited at the audition, prior training and experiences as stated on the application, recommendations from teachers or others included in the application, recommendations, student interviews, and student transcripts.
  • Students may be assigned to any of the four levels offered in each curriculum based on their skill levels and maturity.
  • Students may stay in the program as long as they maintain a grade of B- or above in the center class and maintain a 2.7 GPA in all other classes.
  • Performances and Gallery shows are a requirement for students.

Contact Information

Dr. Stephanie Poxon, Director

Center for the Arts

Henrico High School

302 Azalea Avenue

Henrico, VA 23227

(804) 228-2718 phone

Ms. Karin Castillo-Rose, Principal

(804) 228-2700

Ms. Erica M. Johnson

Director of School Counseling

(804) 228-2710