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Director’s Welcome Message



Greetings!  It is with great pride, pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome our new and returning Center for the Arts students and families to the 2017-2018 school year!  On behalf of the CFA faculty and staff, we look forward to another exciting and productive year.  As always, we are dedicated to our mission of fostering artistic success, as demonstrated in our CFA Showcase performances and Visual Arts galleries, as well as to our commitment and passion for academic achievement.  The combination of both artistic and academic values — with equal emphasis on each trait — makes the CFA a wonderful place for students and parents alike!

The 2017-2018 school year marks the first year in quite some time that we have not seen a change in our HHS Leadership.  We are looking forward to Principal Karin Castillo-Rose’s second year with us and to all of the great things that we will accomplish under her guidance.  Our Administrative Team remains strong with our Associate Principal Rick Butler, as well as with our veteran Assistant Principals Tracey Kroll and LaToya Draper, and our newest  Assistant Principal Marcellus Bland.

Just as our Henrico High School community continues to grow and develop around us, the CFA continues to flourish as well.  We are persistently recruiting for new student members to join us in our pursuit of arts excellence (so, please, help us spread the word!) and we are continually adding new staff members to our team, including Billy Dye, our new Lead Musical Theatre Teacher, and Emma Givens, our new part-time Theatre Teacher.  In addition, we are excited to have Michael Jones return for a second year as our “Production Assistant,” and our part-time Dance Teacher, Deedra Harris, is joining our Musical Theatre team as the Level II and Level III MT Dance teacher!  We are thrilled to welcome these newest members — and current members in new roles! — to the CFA team!

Our FCFA Board remains strong under the leadership of President Terri Hague.  The FCFA Board is presently searching for additional members and/or volunteers.  Please consider joining the Board and/or donating your time and talents!  The FCFA is consistently exploring new avenues for fundraising, and they could use your assistance if you have any fundraising ideas or expertise.  And, we could use your help in tracking down any CFA Alum that you might know!  The FCFA has recently formed an Alumni Organization that we hope will encourage our former students and parents to keep in contact with us!

Even though I have served as the CFA Director for nine years, I never cease to be amazed by the talents and abilities of our students, the dedication and passion of our teachers, and the support and advocacy of our parents.  It is truly a blessing to serve the HHS and CFA communities and it is a privilege to watch our students develop and excel in their respective arts disciplines and achieve their academic successes.  We are proud that the CFA is 25+ years strong — and growing — and we strive to put “art” in the “heart” of our students’ education!

Best wishes for a productive and creative year!

Stephanie Poxon, Ph.D.

Director, Center for the Arts