Director’s Welcome Message


Welcome Message from Dr. Poxon, CFA Director

Greetings!  It is with great pride, pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome our new and returning Center for the Arts students and families to the 2019-2020 school year!  On behalf of the CFA faculty and staff, we look forward to another exciting and productive year.  As always, we are dedicated to our mission of fostering artistic success, as demonstrated in our CFA Showcase performances and Visual Arts galleries.  We also reaffirm our commitment to academic achievement as the CFA program strives for excellence in both artistic and academic endeavors!

This school year marks the 11th consecutive year I will have served the HCPS and HHS communities as the Director of the CFA Program.  During my tenure, the CFA and HHS have witnessed many changes in leadership; changes in CFA and HHS faculty; renovations and improvements to CFA facilities and to the HHS campus; and continued growth of the CFA program, including the inclusion of two CFA electives this year: CFA Show Choir (named “Company 302”) and Stage Craft.  Our CFA teachers have accomplished much: they have been awarded grants and other major accolades; they have studied their craft in the U.S. and abroad; they have directed, created and performed in many local shows and galleries; they have provided travel and enrichment opportunities for their students; and they are continuing to explore new staff development opportunities so that their students can benefit from current trends and technologies.  Our teachers are doing tremendous things to challenge their students – and themselves – in their quest for excellence in the fields of visual and performing arts.

As proud as I am of our CFA teachers, I am most proud of the talents and abilities of our CFA students.  It is a wonderful privilege to watch a student blossom and grow in their respective discipline, whether it is dance, art, theatre or musical theatre.  Each talent is unique and cultivated in its own way.  Talent, however, cannot thrive alone.  It must be accompanied by a high quality work ethic, an academic discipline, a cooperative spirit, and a strong sense of self.  You have been accepted as a member of the CFA community; it is now your responsibility to meet these challenges and to make a full commitment to these principals.  Your artistic side will flourish if it is nurtured by hard work.

I never cease to be amazed by the creativity and vast abilities of our students; the dedication and passion of our teachers; the efforts and loyal support provided by the FCFA; and the support and advocacy of our parents.  It is truly a blessing to serve the HHS and CFA communities and it is an honor to help guide our students and watch them develop and excel in their respective arts disciplines and achieve their academic successes.  I can’t wait to see what happens during the next decade!


Best wishes for a productive and creative year!


Stephanie Poxon, Ph.D.

Director, Center for the Arts