Attention current 9th-11th grade CFA students

  • CFA 9th – 11th grade Students who want to apply to “Double Major” for SY 2021-2022
    • Any CFA student who wishes to apply/audition for a second CFA Curriculum area for the 2021-22 school year must schedule a planning meeting with Dr. Poxon, Ms. Kremsreiter and Ms. Hernandez.  We plan on holding these meetings the week of December 14th-18th.
    • You will be able to sign up and give your preferred day when you complete the google form here: 2nd CFA discipline interest survey  
    • We will then contact you with a meeting confirmation and teams meeting link.
    • Please note we need to confirm that your academic requirements have been or will be met; and confirm that you have room in your schedule to take an additional CFA class. 
    • Remember that students who are not in good academic standing are not eligible to apply for a second CFA curriculum area.
    • Students who do not complete the survey to schedule a meeting with us in December are responsible for contacting us before the application due date of January 15, 2021.
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