FCFA 2020 Scholarships WINNERS!!!

Throughout the year, the FCFA asks families to participate in raising money, donating snacks, food, money, and time. On behalf of the FCFA Board, we greatly appreciate all that you do. Now is the time to see the fruit of our labors and give back in the way of scholarships. Students have submitted their applications, the Henrico High School Scholarship Committee has reviewed them and chosen the recipients. The FCFA Board is proud to announce this year’s recipients.
FCFA Curriculum Area Scholarships

Two scholarships, in the amount of $750 each, are available for each Center for the Arts curriculum area for CFA students who will be enrolled in an arts-related course of study in a qualified college or university setting.
The 2020 awards go to:

Dance: Cameron H. and Tyler M.
Musical Theatre: Talford H. and Daniel K.
Visual Arts: Taina C. and Alexa W.
Theatre: Preston S. and Chelsea G.

The Lee G. Hanchey Award is a scholarship in the amount of $1500. It was created in 2009 by the Friends of the Center for the Arts (FCFA) to honor Mrs. Lee Hanchey, Director of the Center for the Arts (CFA) at Henrico High School from 1996 until her retirement in 2009. A recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award in 2004, Mrs. Hanchey taught those around her to strive for excellence in their lives by displaying exemplary character, strong leadership and communication skills, and a positive attitude. She proved that combining hard work and vision would always lead to success. Mrs. Hanchey has devoted her career, as well as her personal time, to furthering arts education and recognition. She strongly believes in the value of higher education and dedication to study. Even upon retirement, Mrs. Hanchey is a regular audience member of the CFA events.
This year’s recipient of the FCFA Lee G Hanchey $1500 scholarship is: Katie C.

The William Patrick Gorman Memorial Fund was established by Patrick’s family and friends as a positive and loving way to remember his life and preserve his memory. Patrick was 17 when he died suddenly of a congenital heart defect. Most people were unaware of Patrick’s many physical limitations because he had an uncomplaining attitude and beautiful smile. Art was one of Patrick’s greatest passions, and he was a gifted artist. In a fitting tribute, his memorial fund supports educational experience for visual arts students at the Center for the Arts.
The Gorman Award is a $1000 scholarship awarded to a rising junior or senior Visual Arts student to pursue an arts-related course or fund materials for a community-based project.
This year’s recipient of the Gorman Award is: Catharine S.

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