Apr 15

They Said “YES!”

It all began in the fall of 2018. Interested students flocked to Open Houses about Specialty Centers in Henrico County and took in  hours of information. The journey began to help make their decision of where they would spend their high school years. After a detailed application was completed and sent in, 236 students showed up at Henrico High School on Saturday, February 2, 2019, to audition for Center for the Arts. With all auditions done and applications completed, CFA’s faculty and guest adjudicators began the difficult process of evaluation and selection. On March 8th the selected students were notified, and 81 have said, “YES!” to spending the next four years with us at Center for the Arts at Henrico High School. We are so excited to welcome all of you into the CFA family! The next time we see you will be at New Student Orientation at 7PM on Tuesday, May 14th. If you haven’t filled out your course forms and turned those in, do that right away. If you still have your transportation form, we’ll need that too. We want to make sure everything’s ready when you join us in the Fall of 2019. CONGRATULATIONS!