Mar 18

What You Don’t See!

Every event here at CFA needs so many people working together to make it happen. Many people you never see. This particular post is about a whole group of people who work tirelessly in the shadows to support all of our students and staff at Henrico Center for the Arts. They are the FCFA or Friends of Center for the Arts. The FCFA is our Booster organization, if you will. You’ve heard of Band Boosters, Athletic Boosters. They are Art Boosters. They are made up of parent volunteers and they do everything from raising money to working concessions at events and shows, to providing dinners and snacks to our students when they are rehearsing, and much more! Many of the things we need to let our students have a quality learning experience have been gifts of FCFA. The new soundboard, LED lights, and cameras for our Visual Arts students are just a few of the many things they have contributed. We at CFA couldn’t do what we do without them, and we can’t thank them enough. If you would like to know more about the FCFA or are interested in volunteering, please go to their website,

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