CFA Teachers Earn Recognition in March

We are so proud of our Center for the Arts teachers and CFA arts infused academic teachers who earned special recognition in the month of March.  Read about these inspiring teachers below.

Morgan Day
HHS Staff member of the month….Mr. Morgan Day! He earned this honor with the tremendous leadership, dedication, passion and innovation he consistently brings to the music department! Mr. Day is open-minded and he is always willing to experiment or try new ideas. In fact, colleagues affectionately refer to him as our “idea guy.” Not only does he come up with new ideas (for everything from recruitment opportunities to performance experiences) but he also finds creative ways to implement his ideas and put them into action! Examples of his initiative-in-action include the annual Spirituals Concert which he coordinates with two other HCPS choral departments (this year it was Tucker and Deep Run High Schools); the CFA Infusion-Symposium, which he organized and coordinated with the MT & Theatre teachers to bring first-rate Guest Artists from the Greater Richmond Community to HHS to work with the CFA students; and the Norfolk University Chorus tour, in which he coordinated their visit to HHS in honor of Black History Month.
Ritter Headshot
Congratulations to Mr. Todd Ritter, this year’s REB Nominee for Henrico HS. Mr Ritter is an exceptionally effective teacher and his students and team love him. He is energetic, uses humor freely, and has authority within the classroom. Todd’s influence in the classroom, and on particular students, extends beyond his own classroom. He interacts with students from every level and group within the school through the Drama Club. He also has an effect on the overall school climate by implementing programs and activities that creates a very tolerant and inclusive environment within Warrior Nation. Many of Mr. Ritter’s students have gone on to college and have made career choices involving the theatre. Todd Ritter makes a difference to his students by giving them such superlative skills that they are able to compete with the best, outside of Henrico High School and beyond Richmond. He opens up to them the STAGE OF LIFE!
Poxon pic
CFA Director Dr. Stephanie Poxon has been nominated for this year’s Excellence in Education monthly award sponsored by NBC12 and Henrico Federal Credit Union. Dr. Poxon’s effective leadership, vision, dedication and inspiration to her team, parents and students has created a premier specialty center locally, nationally and internationally!
Fender, Gay, Ring
Congratulations to our HHS Teachers of the Year 2015-16: Ms. Fender, Ms. Gay & Ms. Bobcombe-Ring! (Pictured left to right.)  Ms. Fender is Henrico High’s teacher of the year. Ms. Fender serves as department chair, new teacher mentor, NSBRI teacher and Fellow of Nano Science Tech. at the Science Innovation Center. She is also a CFA arts-infused teacher, bringing the arts into her science classrooms. Ms. Fender is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and completed her studies at William & Mary. Ms. Fender shared, “Not only am I working to teach the curriculum, but I feel I am teaching students to love science, to love learning and to have pride in what they can achieve!”
Ms. Sydney Gay is a brilliant, courageous and dedicated first year English teacher. Ms. Gay works well beyond her contractual hours to meet the demands and needs of her students. She is also a CFA arts-infused teacher. Ms. Gay shared, “Students don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Ms. Gay’s students feel her love and care, which is the reason she is this year’s First Year Teacher of the Year.
Ms. Bobcombe-Ring is a teacher, department chair, and administrative aide and wears a plethora of hats on the Henrico campus. As an exceptional education teacher and department chair, Warrior Nation commends her for effective leadership and the gift of time in meeting the numerous needs of our Warrior students, parents and staff. The Christie Award recognizes exceptional education teachers who go above and beyond to help our most “At-Promised” students to succeed.
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