Workshop: Understanding Your PSAT Scores

All  sophomores and juniors who took the PSAT in October of this school year (2014) and their parents are invited to a workshop on  Understanding Your PSAT Scores!

The School Counseling Department will provide your individual score sheet and help explain what your scores mean.  We will also introduce My College QuickStart, an excellent program through CollegeBoard that will share with you an individualized study plan for the SAT as well as career path ideas specific to your scores.

 Please plan to attend the workshop…

Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 6:00 pm in the Henrico High School Library

 We look forward to sharing with you regarding your PSAT scores and what they mean!

 PLEASE NOTE:  If  you cannot attend the workshop, individual score sheets will be provided through English classes ONLY within a week of the evening meeting.  Individual scores will not be given out ahead of time.

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