Sep 12

HHS Back to School Night


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 at 6:00pm

PTA Meeting – 6:00pm

Principal’s Welcome – 6:15pm

Please join us to hear about all of the exciting things happening in Warrior Nation!  After the opening ceremony, you will have the opportunity to follow your child’s schedule to hear brief presentations from their teachers on curriculum, expectations, and ways to help all Warriors to succeed.  Come join us, as we share how we are Motivating, Educating, and Empowering, our Warriors to meet their full potential as we continue building a Warrior’s dream one brick at a time.

Back To School Night Agenda:

6:00-6:30- Teachers will be in classrooms setting up and preparing to greet and meet parents at 6:35 during the PTSA meeting and Principal’s message.

6:40- Parents will report to 1st period.  Teachers will have 10 minutes to share and an announcement/bell will alert parents to transition to 2nd period.  There will be a 6 minute transition between each block.

Proposed Schedule:

6:40-6:50- Period 1

6:56-7:06- Period 2

7:12-7:22- Period 3

7:28-7:38- Period 4

7:44-7:54- Period 5

8:00-8:10- Period 6

8:16-8:26- period 7