Sep 05

FCFA is participating in GiveRichmond’s Amazing Raise!

The Friends of Center for the Arts (FCFA) needs your help!


Friends of Center for the Arts

Goal: Raise $5,500.00 in 36 Hours


From 6AM September 18 through 6PM September 19, go to and click on The Amazing Raise button on our home page.  This will take you directly to FCFA’s donation page on the website.  Follow the instructions there to make your secure online donation.  The minimum donation is $25.00

OR:  Go to (same days and time) and search using our name, Friends of Center for the Arts or just FCFA.  Once you are on our donation page, follow the instructions to make your secure online donation.

OR:  Type in, and go straight to the donation page.

Aside from our main goal of raising $5500.00, we are trying to earn an additional $1,000.00 prize for having the donation closest to sunset on September 18th at 7:13PM.  You, your friends and/or extended family members will have to donate exactly at 7:13:00 to help us win this contest.  Of course, we are grateful for each and every donation, no matter when you give.  Visit the website often during the event and check the leader board to see how we are doing.  We greatly appreciate your spreading the word to as many people as you can!

Thank you for supporting the FCFA!

The CFA is Henrico County Public Schools Speciality Center for the Arts and includes Musical Theater, Dance, Visual Arts, and Theatre programs.

FCFA is pleased to support the Henrico High School Center for the Arts both financially and through volunteer support.  FCFA provides many benefits for the Center and its students including: scholarships, guest speakers, financial support for field trips, classroom supplies, an ice cream social, an end of year picnic, and more!