Jan 28

Visual Art Audition Tips for CFA Auditions on Saturday, February 2

Dear Prospective CFA Visual Art students:

We are sorry that our CFA audition workshop was canceled on Saturday, January 26 as a result of the inclement weather.

We look forward to seeing you at our auditions on Saturday, February 2.  Here are some audition tips to help you with your portfolio review:

Guidelines for CFA Portfolio Auditions for VISUAL ARTS  2012-13

1. If you are taking an art class, most of your work ideally should be from that class-but if you are not-bring things you have done on your own.

2. You must have at least   8  2-dimensional pieces.

*Two of them must include drawings  from life  (not your imagination or copies of pictures).

*Other work can be from pictures or your imagination, but should demonstrate your best craftsmanship.

*Try to include a variety of work including painting, drawing, printmaking, and collage.

*Try to include a variety of subject matter  (for example: portraits, landscapes, still-life, design, abstract work)

*If you have an example of 3-dimensional art,  please bring that as one of your 8 pieces.

(This is not mandatory if you do not have something you have recently created that demonstrates good craftsmanship).

Please bring us things that represent you as an artist and what you like to do and are good at-but also demonstrate your willingness to try new things. We would really like to see a life drawing-if we had been able to hold the audition workshop –we would have given you time to do a contour drawing (just the outlines) of a set of objects we arranged in the middle of the room. Do this at home-give yourself about an hour or so to draw what you see-try to work with your whole paper (if you can use a piece of paper larger than sketchbook-that would be great-but if not-sketchbook size is fine) and try to have some of your lines touch the edges of your page. Include details and work to make the composition interesting.

When you come in next Saturday-here is what you can expect: we will welcome you at the door to Studio 3 and give you a pencil and paper-let you choose a seat somewhere around a still-life-and ask you to do another life drawing. We will also ask you to write a little bit about art and what it means to you-and then at some point while you are drawing-we will call you back to a different private room-where two teachers will look at your work and talk with you a little about it. Please try to remember to bring as much work as you can per the instructions above. If you have work from art class –we would really like to see that-if not-work from home is fine-and you can bring your sketchbook-but we would like to see things you have done outside of your sketchbook.

When we talk with you about your work-we will be asking you a few questions-things like “which piece is your favorite?” and “who is your favorite artist” and we will just talk with you about your work. This will be really informal-and is designed to allow you to be able to share with us what you love about art and why you want to come to the center. We will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable! We are looking forward to seeing you on Sat, Feb 2nd-please feel free to contact us with any questions ahead of time. Thanks! –Ms Dowdy and Ms Scurlock