Sep 30

Weather Tools Websites

Use the following to help you with your classwork:

Sep 29

Henrico History Project

I hope you are working on picking your topic!  Please make sure to show the packet and this blog post to the adults at home.  Remember–they can support and help you, but YOU should do the work.

**Adults–please help and support throughout this project–especially when your student is using the online sources.  Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.  Please have your student write down and bring any questions to class.  Thanks for your help and support!

Below are some additional links that might offer you some assistance:

Sep 29

4th Grade Weather Data

Feel free to use the links below to help you gather your weather data each evening. Remember, we will do the morning readings together. I like to use the NBC12 Weather information because I feel it is the most complete. If you find another site that is helpful, post it in the comments.

**If you post–use ONLY your first name. Enter your HCPS email address like you do for logging in to Google Drive. The email address will not show. You can also use your mom or dad’s address.**


May 21

4th Grade Science Review

Dear 4th and 5th Grade Students,

The link below is a PDF review booklet put together by our county officials.  It has lots of great information to help you review for your upcoming HAT (4th grade) or SOL (5th).  Please take some time to use it and look over it!

***4th Grade Students:  Leave me a comment and tell me what you feel like you need to review before the test!  Follow these directions:  Use your first name only.  You can enter a real email address  or just use  You just have to “trick” the program to thinking it is a real email address.  Use complete sentences and correct punctuation!


May 19

SOL Practice

If you’d like some last minute SOL practice, use these links below.

For released tests, click below.  Focus on the 2010 and 2011 tests.  You can work on tests on other grade levels if you’d like to challenge yourself a bit!


For TEI practice, use the link below.

May 13

Save the Bees


Apr 11

Biography/Autobiography Choice


Use the link below to communicate with me what book and person you would like to do for your Press Conference.  NOTHING is set in stone until we discuss and I approve, so do NOT start reading until I approve your choice!

Press Conference Google Doc

Mar 31

Reading MAPS

To help you meet your goals, it is important that you are exposed to many vocabulary words in the coming weeks!  I am going to give you tools to use, and we will continue to work hard in class, but you have to take responsibility to use your tools to reach your goals!

Use the list you were given, as well as the link below, to help you do some of your own research on these words.  Work to create flashcards for yourself, find examples, etc.  Have fun with it while you learn and study!

Leave a comment to tell me about 5 words you are planning to learn this week!  Just list the words you are going to focus on–then spend your time deciding how you need to best study the words!

Mar 11

Washington DC Project Examples

Check out some projects from the Class of 2013!

Mar 11

4.3 Science Websites


2.  SOL 4.3 Words

3.  Build Circuits Online

4.  Famous Inventors

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