Jun 16

End of Year Video

Thanks to Mrs. McComb for putting together a great video!


Jun 09

Coding Website

Visit this website to start coding!


May 06

5th Grade Reading SOL Practice


Please consider using the links below to help you do a little bit more preparation before Monday’s test!



Apr 11

Save the Bees 2016


Save the Bees

Mar 20

MAPS Practice

5th Grade Students,

You will take your Spring MAPs tests at the end of April.  You have been preparing all year long with literature circles, Scope magazines, writing activities, morning work packets, etc.  I highly encourage you to do some additional preparation on your own by visiting the sites listed below.  It is possible that some of the links might not work.  I have not been able to test them all.

Use your Goal Setting page that is in your binder as a guide.  Look at your score for the reading and math parts.  This will help you know which levels you should be exploring.  Try to challenge yourself!  Remember, you have your goal!  Work hard to reach it!

Happy exploring!  Happy playing!  Happy preparing!!

Ms. Kelly

Reading:  (Some of these have math, too!  I tried to mark the ones I found!)





http://www.belleplaine.k12.mn.us/page/3028 (This one has math practice, too!)


http://www.edline.net/pages/Jackson_Avenue_School/Jackson_Library/Math/NWEA_Practice_Sites (This one has math practice, too!)







Mar 09

4th Grade Circuit Builders

Use the link below to build circuits. READ THE INFORMATION given on the website.  You must start with Level 1 and work through each stage before you move to the next one.  Do not skip anything.

Before you start, check the volume on the computer.  It should be up no more than 1/4 way.

In your INB, sketch examples of the following:
–open circuit
–closed circuit
–series circuit
–parallel circuit

This WILL be graded. Have the teachers check your drawings when you are done.

Link: http://thefusebox.northernpowergrid.com/page/circuitbuilder.cfm


Once you finish building the circuits and have been checked by a teacher, move on to the site below.  You must work through all 5 sections at the bottom AND you must complete the Useful Info, Activity, and Quiz part for each section before you move on.  Happy Learning!


Nov 19

2015 Watershed Project

Use the links below, as well as the notes and resources in your INB, to help you complete your project.

James River Association:  Click the link and use the other options on the LEFT of the screen to learn more about the James River and its watershed.   http://www.jamesriverassociation.org/the-james-river/james-river-watershed

Watershed Restoration:  http://www.jamesriverassociation.org/what-we-do/watershed-restoration/

United States Environmental Protection Agency:  http://water.epa.gov/type

USGS:  http://water.usgs.gov/edu/watershed.html

Chesapeake Bay Watershed:  http://www.chesapeakebay.net/discover/baywatershed

Oct 15

2015 Henrico Essay and Time Capsule Project


You should now be working to gather research on your topic.  Talk to Mrs. Riddick and me if you need help!  Below are some links that might offer you some assistance:









Jun 10

Hour of Code

Here are the websites if you are interested in doing more at home:




Have fun!!

May 28

Western Simulation Journal Topics 2015

Journal Topics:

1: Night before leaving

2: Crossing the Big Blue River; Snakeoil Salesman; Fort Kearny stop to rest

3: Crossing the Platte River; Getting ready for and weathering the storm; arriving at Fort Laramie

4: Exposed to Cholera; Meeting the Shoshone Indian Tribe

5: Fort Bridger or Sublette Cutoff; Wagon Mishaps; travel another 340 miles

6: Winter Storm; Fort Walla Walla; Choosing btwn the Cascade Mountains (Barlow Road) and/or Rafting the Columbia River; Adventures and trials on the Columbia River; Arriving safely in the Willamette Valley

7: Last Entry: Write a letter to someone back East explaining what your journey was like and what life in the Willamette Valley has been like for the last year. (at least 2 pages long)

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