Apr 11

Biography/Autobiography Choice


Use the link below to communicate with me what book and person you would like to do for your Press Conference.  NOTHING is set in stone until we discuss and I approve, so do NOT start reading until I approve your choice!

Press Conference Google Doc

Mar 31

Reading MAPS

To help you meet your goals, it is important that you are exposed to many vocabulary words in the coming weeks!  I am going to give you tools to use, and we will continue to work hard in class, but you have to take responsibility to use your tools to reach your goals!

Use the list you were given, as well as the link below, to help you do some of your own research on these words.  Work to create flashcards for yourself, find examples, etc.  Have fun with it while you learn and study!


Leave a comment to tell me about 5 words you are planning to learn this week!  Just list the words you are going to focus on–then spend your time deciding how you need to best study the words!

Mar 11

Washington DC Project Examples

Check out some projects from the Class of 2013!

Mar 11

4.3 Science Websites

1.  https://sites.google.com/a/halifax.k12.va.us/mrs-murrays-fourth-grade-science/electricity-and-magnetism-sol-4-3

2.  SOL 4.3 Words

3.  Build Circuits Online

4.  Famous Inventors

Mar 11

Three Chopt Goes to Washington, DC

Students–use the link below to let me know your choices!

Google Doc:  Monument and Exhibit Choices
*Click on the link to open the doc in a new window.  Fill out everything before you hit submit.

Use these links to explore the monuments:

Lincoln Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
World War II Memorial
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Use these links to explore the museums:
Museum of Natural History
American History Museum

Feb 21

Journal 13

Due Friday, Feb. 28:

Imagine someone made an exciting announcement at school. Write about the announcement and what happened next.

Feb 12

Snow Updates 2/13/14

Hello 5th graders!  Please READ everything carefully…and make sure to have some FUN over the next few days too!

(everything here is due Monday, unless otherwise noted)
-Mind Map preparation:
-READ the directions and explanations on the packet I gave you.
-Use the Glossary of Literary Terms you were given earlier in the year.
-Use your common sense and do your best.  Remember-I am looking for evidence you have tried to prepare and be a good group member!
-WordMasters poster due **2/18**

Language Arts:
-Journal 11 is due the day we come back, ready for grading!
-Morning Work packet is due the day we come back, ready for grading!
-Start Journal 12 (due 2/21):  Imagine a helicopter with a famous person on board landed near your school. The person was coming to visit your class. Who was the person, and what happened when he or she came to your classroom?

Social Studies:
(due Monday)
-Finish reading the chapter–including the part at the end, after the summary.
-Complete your outline (due Monday)–use your common sense on the one I forgot to leave space for answering!
-We will have a Northeast project presentation fair on our first day back.  If you’re still working on your project, we will talk on Monday and make a plan.

-By 2/21, you need to have picked your final topic, discuss it with your adults, get the page signed, and have additional resources ready to bring to school for additional research.
-We will move to “Question Generation Day” on 2/21.  Bring your sticky notes in addition to what I just listed.

-GPFs need to be signed and returned ASAP.
-Report cards need to be signed and returned ASAP–ask your adults to sign the actual report card page and bring that back to me.  You may keep the MAP report.

Leave me a comment with something you are doing for fun during the snow day!  Use your first name only.  You can enter a real email address  or just use student@henrico.k12.va.us.  You just have to “trick” the program to thinking it is a real email address.  Use complete sentences and correct punctuation!


Feb 11

Mr. Kolste’s Math Problems


I realize some of you did not get to copy the last 3 math problems from Mr. Kolste.  They were on the board and you could have done this after your reading benchmark or during recess.  Here they are, just in case, since the day was hectic with benchmark testing.


15.  Which is the variable in 5n+2?

13.  Mr. Tanner bought 4 books of stamps.  Each book contained the same number of stamps.  If s represents the number of stamps in each book, which coefficient would you use to express the total number of stamps he would have?

20.  If you were to write an algebraic equation for the following situation:  Alexa had 9 parakeets.  She gave 3 to Gabby.  How many parakeets did Alexa have?  Use the letter P as the variable to represent the number of parakeets.

Feb 10

S-N-O-W Plans

Dear Students,

If the white stuff comes and we are not at school, please come check the blog.  I will make dated posts with anything I need you to do or need you to know for success up our return.

Ms. Kelly

Feb 10

Valentines Day

On Friday, we will take a few moments (about 15 minutes) to exchange Valentines. If you choose to exchange, please make sure you include each of your classmates. Try to generate your own list of classmates before Friday so you can ask for help if you need it.

You should bring your own “mailbox” for the Valentines that will be given to you. You may create your mailbox as simple or fancy as you want. We will have a small competition, if you wish to participate. You may create a mailbox that falls into one of the following categories:

Most Creative
Best Theme
Most Content Related (school related)

You do NOT have to participate.  However, you MUST bring your own mailbox of some kind.  I do not have any bags or containers available to you.

Food Reminders:  We will open and enjoy our Valentine’s for a few minutes, but we will not be eating our treats. If you are bringing something edible as your valentine, it must be wrapped or packaged to go home with your friends.  Remember, this is a school rule we must follow to help keep everyone safe!

If the S-N-O-W comes and we are not here Friday, you may bring your things the first day we are back.

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