Jan 21


Students–please read carefully!

Fourth Graders:  

If we are out of school on Friday, please use the definitions below to create your vocabulary cards.  You may copy these definitions.  Create some kind of picture to go along with the word.

energy — the ability to do work

force –– any push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change speed or direction

friction — the resistance to motion created by two objects moving against each other; a force that works against


gravity — an unseen force that pulls two objects toward each other

inertia — the tendency for objects to resist motion (Unless acted on by a force, objects in motion tend to stay in

motion, and objects at rest remain at rest.)

kinetic energy — the energy of motion;  ex.  when a rock is rolling down a hill

motion — a change in an object’s position (described by the object’s direction and speed)

potential energy – stored energy; ex.  when a rock is sitting at the top of hill

speed — the measure of motion, how fast an object is moving

work — when a force moves an object

Fifth Graders:

Reading/Language Arts: 

–Finish your literature circle 2 reading and assignment (due 1/26)

–Work on your WM poster (due 2/12) 

–Work on your WM Choice Activities (due 2/19)

–Start studying your WM words  (spelling and vocab quiz on 2/19)

Social Studies:

If we are out on Friday, Jan. 22:

–Create a title page for the Northeast section on page 39 of your INB.  Remember, color, pictures and things that represent the Northeast.  Use your book.
–Use your book to label the Northeast map with the state abbreviation and a star to represent where the capital is located.  Make a list of all the states in the Northeast, their capitals and abbreviations on the notebook paper UNDER the map.  You can download a copy of the map here:  SSA4_ISN_04 (1)  You will have to scroll down to page 3 and only print that.  Ignore the question numbers.
–Complete the Chapter 4 Geo. Cards in complete sentences.  Use your book and your map.  Bring the map back to school.

**All of these assignments are due on the day we come back from the snow.**

If we are also out on Monday, Jan. 25:

–Begin working on your Chapter 4 outline by reading the chapter and filling in the answers.  Remember—this is your study guide.  Put in some effort and really give detailed answers where you can.  The finished Chapter 4 outline will be due on Wednesday, Jan. 27.  You can download a copy of the outline here:  Chapter 4 Outline

**The outline will NOT be due when we come back, but please consider finishing it if we are out for multiple days past Monday!**

Math:  work on ABC book.

Science:  Go to Ms. McT’s blog and play the games; work on cell city project

Nov 19

2015 Watershed Project

Use the links below, as well as the notes and resources in your INB, to help you complete your project.

James River Association:  Click the link and use the other options on the LEFT of the screen to learn more about the James River and its watershed.   http://www.jamesriverassociation.org/the-james-river/james-river-watershed

Watershed Restoration:  http://www.jamesriverassociation.org/what-we-do/watershed-restoration/

United States Environmental Protection Agency:  http://water.epa.gov/type

USGS:  http://water.usgs.gov/edu/watershed.html

Chesapeake Bay Watershed:  http://www.chesapeakebay.net/discover/baywatershed

Oct 15

2015 Henrico Essay and Time Capsule Project


You should now be working to gather research on your topic.  Talk to Mrs. Riddick and me if you need help!  Below are some links that might offer you some assistance:









Jun 10

Hour of Code

Here are the websites if you are interested in doing more at home:




Have fun!!

May 28

Western Simulation Journal Topics 2015

Journal Topics:

1: Night before leaving

2: Crossing the Big Blue River; Snakeoil Salesman; Fort Kearny stop to rest

3: Crossing the Platte River; Getting ready for and weathering the storm; arriving at Fort Laramie

4: Exposed to Cholera; Meeting the Shoshone Indian Tribe

5: Fort Bridger or Sublette Cutoff; Wagon Mishaps; travel another 340 miles

6: Winter Storm; Fort Walla Walla; Choosing btwn the Cascade Mountains (Barlow Road) and/or Rafting the Columbia River; Adventures and trials on the Columbia River; Arriving safely in the Willamette Valley

7: Last Entry: Write a letter to someone back East explaining what your journey was like and what life in the Willamette Valley has been like for the last year. (at least 2 pages long)

Apr 12

MAPS Reading Practice

Choose a category and make sure to work within your RIT range. Work in a range above your score to really challenge yourself!




Mar 20

Alternate Energy Sources

Please use these links to help you research:

*START HERE*:  http://www.eia.gov/kids/energy.cfm?page=2

Here are some other sites I already found:





If you want to do your own Google searching, use this link:  http://search.kidoos.org/us/

Nov 20

2015-2015 Weather Projects

Fourth grade students spent a good portion of time studying weather (SOL 4.6).  We examined fronts, pressure systems, types of clouds, types of precipitation, and weather tools, among other things.  To put everything we learned into practice and make it more “real,” students worked in small groups to prepare their own meteorology forecasts.  Students used online tools, Google Docs, and ActivInspire software to create their presentations.  Enjoy!


Mitchell, Fabiha, Hyrum, Riley, Josh, Vien from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Ruby, Amelia, Elizabeth, Koa, Ben from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Drew, Rebekah, Mikah, Julian, Madyson from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Reid, Sydney, Ryan, Greta, Mary from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Tyler, Ethan, Marlise, Taylor, Adeline from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Nov 11

Watershed Website

Use the link below to help you answer the questions on the webquest.


Oct 28

Washington, DC 2014

As a group, you need to use the links below to explore the different monuments.  On one (1) piece of notebook paper, you need to tell me the following:

1.  Group Members Names
2.  Memorial Choice
3.  Exhibit Choice for the Museum of Natural History
4.  Exhibit Choice for the Museum of American History

**Remember, every time you have to ask the teacher to mediate, you will lose one point off your final project grade.

Use these links to explore the monuments:

Lincoln Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
World War II Memorial
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Use these links to explore the museums:
Museum of Natural History
American History Museum

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