Jan 28

Jan. 26-Jan. 30


1.  Conference information will come out next week.  We will contact you directly if we feel a conference is needed, but please feel free to contact your student’s homeroom teacher if you would like to schedule something.

2.  PTA “Read and Feed” night is 2/19.  Please look for information to come home this week.

3.  5th Grade Parents:  Please continue to monitor for middle school information.  At this time, you should make sure you have registered and created a portal for yourself.

Fourth Grade Happenings

4th LA: Literature circles will be held Wednesday and new jobs will be distributed due 2/3. Groups are reading different books so students are held responsible for knowing what chapters they need to read for their job. All groups will be finishing their book in 6 weeks and will then rotate books. We will also be completing a writing benchmark and working on grammar/editing this week. The reading benchmark is this Friday.

4th Math- We will finish up with measurement this week. Measurement is a skill that we will cycle back to and the students will get  additional practice with this skill in science. The big focus this week will be elapsed time.

4th Science:  Students have begun a study of force and motion.  We began with vocabulary words and notes, but will soon more into applying concepts and vocabulary words in real life situations to develop a better understanding.

4th Social Studies: Students will be reviewing main events of the Revolutionary War to create an online timeline project. They must include the specific date, description, and importance for each category added to their timeline (battles, acts, conventions etc)

Fifth Grade Happenings

5th Reading/Language Arts:  Students will take their mid-year benchmark on Friday.  They are working hard on literature circle books and assignments with the final set of work due on Tuesday, 2/3.  We are continuing to work on literary elements and vocabulary in class.  Students are now working with their next set of WordMasters Challenge Words.  They have definitions and will receive poster directions this week.  Please check the agenda and/or handout for due dates.  As they begin to study for the analogy challenge in a few weeks, students should also review words from the first list.  They will only be tested for a grade on the current list, but words from the old list do show up on the analogy portion.

5th Math- We will finish up our focus on algebra this week! In addition to reviewing the material that we have covered, your child will also finish up the ABC book that we started together. This book will serve as a study aid. I am hoping to test by Friday!

5th Science: Continuing with matter unit notes in class. We will also continue research on Medicinal plants in the library with Mrs. Riddick. Once we have completed research and voted, we will grow medicinal plants at school and make a healing salve later in the year! The science benchmark is 2/6. Please study notes.

5th Social Studies:  Students are beginning their study of the Midwest by examining the geographic features of the area.  They will have another states quiz coming up in a few weeks.  They must be able to name the state, the capital and tell the abbreviation.  Spelling will count.

Nov 20

2015-2015 Weather Projects

Fourth grade students spent a good portion of time studying weather (SOL 4.6).  We examined fronts, pressure systems, types of clouds, types of precipitation, and weather tools, among other things.  To put everything we learned into practice and make it more “real,” students worked in small groups to prepare their own meteorology forecasts.  Students used online tools, Google Docs, and ActivInspire software to create their presentations.  Enjoy!


Mitchell, Fabiha, Hyrum, Riley, Josh, Vien from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Ruby, Amelia, Elizabeth, Koa, Ben from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Drew, Rebekah, Mikah, Julian, Madyson from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Reid, Sydney, Ryan, Greta, Mary from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Tyler, Ethan, Marlise, Taylor, Adeline from Catherine Kelly on Vimeo.

Nov 11

Watershed Website

Use the link below to help you answer the questions on the webquest.


Oct 28

Washington, DC 2014

As a group, you need to use the links below to explore the different monuments.  On one (1) piece of notebook paper, you need to tell me the following:

1.  Group Members Names
2.  Memorial Choice
3.  Exhibit Choice for the Museum of Natural History
4.  Exhibit Choice for the Museum of American History

**Remember, every time you have to ask the teacher to mediate, you will lose one point off your final project grade.

Use these links to explore the monuments:

Lincoln Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
World War II Memorial
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Use these links to explore the museums:
Museum of Natural History
American History Museum

Sep 30

Weather Tools Websites

Use the following to help you with your classwork:



Sep 29

Henrico History Project

I hope you are working on picking your topic!  Please make sure to show the packet and this blog post to the adults at home.  Remember–they can support and help you, but YOU should do the work.

**Adults–please help and support throughout this project–especially when your student is using the online sources.  Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.  Please have your student write down and bring any questions to class.  Thanks for your help and support!

Below are some additional links that might offer you some assistance:









Sep 29

4th Grade Weather Data

Feel free to use the links below to help you gather your weather data each evening. Remember, we will do the morning readings together. I like to use the NBC12 Weather information because I feel it is the most complete. If you find another site that is helpful, post it in the comments.

**If you post–use ONLY your first name. Enter your HCPS email address like you do for logging in to Google Drive. The email address will not show. You can also use your mom or dad’s address.**






May 21

4th Grade Science Review

Dear 4th and 5th Grade Students,

The link below is a PDF review booklet put together by our county officials.  It has lots of great information to help you review for your upcoming HAT (4th grade) or SOL (5th).  Please take some time to use it and look over it!

***4th Grade Students:  Leave me a comment and tell me what you feel like you need to review before the test!  Follow these directions:  Use your first name only.  You can enter a real email address  or just use student@henrico.k12.va.us.  You just have to “trick” the program to thinking it is a real email address.  Use complete sentences and correct punctuation!


May 19

SOL Practice

If you’d like some last minute SOL practice, use these links below.

For released tests, click below.  Focus on the 2010 and 2011 tests.  You can work on tests on other grade levels if you’d like to challenge yourself a bit!



For TEI practice, use the link below.


May 13

Save the Bees









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