I’m Baaaack!! Hi Mrs. Alves! It’s me, Ernie. I hope you have been doing well and having fun with your new class. I miss your old class so if you see them, please tell them hello for me. I know they are doing great in the 2nd grade because they were smart 1st graders.

So tell me about your new class. I’m sure they are smart also. Do you have a lot of students? Are they funny? Are they inquisitive? Are they strong? Are they ready to play some Hide and seek?? I’ve been busy but I haven’t been able to travel as much as I would like. I’m ready to go explore some cool places. Do you think your new class would like to play our geography game of Where in the World is Ernie? If they are I’m ready!

The bad news is that my brother Alfonso used to work at your school last year. I heard they sent him to some new schools to help those children. No worries..he said I could stay with him sometimes (in fact, I was just their to celebrate our favorite baseball team, Boston Red Sox, win the world series) and he would help you or me if there were things we needed to know or deliver. He’s a good guy. Anyhow, are you ready Mrs. Alves’ First Grade? Let have some FUN!
Bye for now.
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Bye Ernie–it’s been great! We hope to blog with Alfonso in 2nd grade!! Until then, we stay undercover. :0)Our Disguises


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mooseMLK memorial

Lincoln Memorial
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Hi boys and girls!  I’m Ernie and my twin brother Mr. Favale (his real name is Alfonso) is trying to find me. Do you know my brother? He says he works with Mrs. Alves.  My brother and I have always loved the game Hide and Seek. We decided to play a very hard game of Hide and Seek. I will be hiding anywhere in the world! He has to find me.

Would you be willing to help Mr. Alfonso?  I will be giving you written clues, picture clues, and may even speak to you in person if I can.  Look at this picture of me.  Can you guess where I am?  What are some clues that gave it away?  I mentioned talking to you “live”…..if I can’t go over to Mrs. Alves, how can I speak with you “live”?  Any ideas?


Anyhow, good luck and thanks for helping my brother out.  He’s good with computers but needs a little help with geography.  Do you know what geography is?  Talk with you all soon.



Mrs. Alves' First Grade Class.

Mrs. Alves’ First Grade Class.



44 Responses to Where in the World is Ernie?

  1. Ernie says:

    Hi Boys and girls….
    Well, I stopped by but you all were at lunch, p.e, or maybe even looking for clues to a mystery. I drove by your school on my way to a secret government location. I’m sorry I missed you. I saw my Alfonso and gave him something to give to you. We recorded a short video (which is not very good quality because we rushed….the voices don’t seem to match my mouth….oh well).

    Thanks for your final video (much better than mine :-)). It was awesome!! I will always remember you all and the fun time we had learning together. I will try to answer some of your questions. Toodles for now and keep on learning.

    How many places did I go? Well, that’s tough. I went to places with our game then to places with my job. I think I went to 4 continents, 10 countries or states, about 15 cities, and a visit with Alfonso. Whew…that’s a lot.

    My favorite food? Ha,ha….you will be surprised. It is………cereal and M&M’s.

    Many of you said you would like to Skype again……I would too. The problem is during work….I can’t. However..Alfonso can. So if you go to another teacher next year, make sure you mention Skyping with Alfonso and I know he would do it.

    I’ll try to find a picture of me and Alfonso if I can find one. Thanks for thinking I am good at finding clues. It was your wonderful clues that made it easy for me.

    Okay…Do I know the difference in the twins. I don’t know how to spell the names so please forgive me. But I did a little research (which may be wrong). I went back to our first Skype and one of the sisters gave a clue. It was Sindeta (I messed that up didn’t I?). I noticed she was wearing beautiful earings and on your video she was wearing them again….I think the one on the right is Sindeta.Ernie.m4v

  2. Ernie says:

    Howdy Everyone!
    I had a blast at the zoo. I spent the whole day looking at some pretty cool animals. My brother joined me and we had a good time together. I stayed with Alfonso at his house and visited with his family. I’m glad I didn’t have to stay in a hotel because I’m kind of tired of hotels. Alfonso took me to my favorite restaurant in Richmond…Mosaics. Have you ever been there? Do you know what a mosaic is? In ancient times there was a civilization in Europe that created beautiful mosaics. Can you find out what civilization that was? That’s right…more research!

    Well, my vacation is almost over. That’s right…just like you have summer vacation, I work with the government and I take vacation time differently. I took vacation early in order to play this great game to help you with your geography. I travel to different places so that’s why when you took me places I had an idea of where I was. It’s time for me to travel back to work….can’t tell you where because….it’s the government 🙂 If I can swing by Greenwood on my way out I certainly will try. Thanks for giving the times of your school hours. I’m glad you don’t have to go to school on Saturday…I sometimes have to work on Saturdays.

    You are a wonderful group of children and are very smart. I’m proud of you for researching your facts. Keep on studying and whatever you do…..keep on reading! That’s right, my brother and I love technology but we believe reading is the most important thing you can do. Keep up the great work and hopefully I’ll get to see you. If not, maybe our paths will cross somewhere as you travel around the world one day.

    Thanks Mrs. Alves for allowing your students to participate in such a great project. I wish my teachers did this when I was younger. You are a super teacher and I found out it’s teacher appreciation week…sooooo, HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!! You deserve all the applause in the world. I’m attaching a picture…which is also a clue for mosaics.

    Until we meet again…….. Ernie Favalethanks.003.jpg

  3. Ernie says:

    Hi boys and girls. Whew! I have been working hard learning about animals and hiking all over the place. I had a fantastic plane trip to Indonesia and have been on a small boat to get around places. I’m doing tons of walking. the bugs love me! Thank goodness for bug spray. Thanks for your questions.

    Jaquars can grow up to 8 feet long and weigh 250 pounds. They look like leopards but their spots are more complex. Jaquars are predators and their prey are pretty much any animal such as monkeys, deer, turtles, and tapirs which is a big animal like a rhino. Jaquars are good climbers and good swimmers.

    There are a lot of snakes in the rain forest. I’m not that worried though because the folks here have told me how to watch out for them. This is a very good habitat for snakes. Do you know what a habitat is? Do you know what makes the rain forest a good habitat for snakes? The actually captured a 49 foot python snake here in Indonesia. WOW!

    I’ve seen lots of butterflies here. One type I’ve seen is the Monarch butterfly. It’s very beautiful but poisonous! Don’t worry, they aren’t bad for humans. They eat from the poisonous milkweed plant and lay eggs there. When animals eat them those animals get very sick….but don’t usually die. They tend not to eat those butterflys any more. That’s how the butterflies adapt.

    Scorpions are very small here but very dangerous. I’m looking out for these because they scare me.

    There is a Margay that is a cat breed. They are so cute! I love these fellas. 331997-1272207608-main.jpegkalbar_1919.jpegPhoto%20on%202013-04-15%20at%2009.53.jpg

    • cdalves says:

      Congratulations Ernie. We loved all the information you collected. We have one last place for you to visit. So get ready. We will be giving you clues by next Wednesday!

      • cdalves says:

        Hi Ernie,
        Your final destination for this year is in a place that has all four seasons. Currently, this place has warm weather and it’s partly cloudy, partly sunny. There are some special animals we want to give you as clues. Here they are:
        White throated spider monkey and black handed spider monkey
        white tail deer
        snow leopard
        African grey parrot
        African penguin

        But there are actually many many more animals in this habitat.
        You need to go far, far west from your location in Indonesia. In this place, you will hear many animal sounds. This is a safe place for animals. This habitat is also visited by adults and children.
        We know this list of animals can be very confusing. We wonder if you can figure this out since it may sound like a rainforest but it is not.

        We are wondering if you could find it by Wednesday? Good luck. Let us know if you need more clues. HAPPY EARTH DAY! REMEMBER TO RECYCLE AND TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH!!
        Your friends in Mrs. Alves’ class

        • Ernie says:

          Wow…this is tough. I love the list of animals. You said it’s not a rain forest and there are many types of animals. I was thinking….lots of different animals….where could I find many different types of animals? Is it a Zoo?? You said to go far west. When I go west, I reach Africa first. If this far enough? Do I need to go farther into Central America? If it is a Zoo, any clues on which zoo? If it’s not a zoo or a rain forest, could you give me another clue? don%27t%20know%20it.jpg

          • cdalves says:

            You are correct. It is a zoo and the zoo is in the U.S. somewhere. It’s on the east coast of the U.S, So, obviously, you have to go farther west from where you were thinking. It is so close to us that we could travel by a vehicle to get there. Here is the map of the zoo we are choosing from. Please let us know if you need more.

            • Ernie says:

              Good clues. Giving a map was a nice clue to get. So I am continuing farther west back to the east coast (it will be nice to see familiar ground again :-)) My first thought was the Washington Zoo but then I looked for their map online and it didn’t look the same. I then thought about all the zoos I visited with my brother. There was one very cool zoo that is home to over 1,500 animals representing 148 species from around the world. It is about 35-40 minutes from you all. I looked for their map and it look pretty much the same.

              SOOOO…I’m guessing the Metro Richmond Zoo!! I hope this is right. I should be there soon. I’m flying to the Richmond International Airport and will drive to the zoo. There are a couple of new exhibits. The Monkey Diana and snow tigers. Can’t wait.

              If I’m wrong let me know and I will change my flight. Take care.

            • Mrs. Alves says:

              Yay!!!!! You found it! Good thinking. We visited the zoo on April 24! Are you going to visit your brother at Greenwood Elementary School? You know you could visit us! We are in room 112. We are planting a garden near the playground. We would love to meet you in person. Cammie would like to get a picture of you with us. Taron wants to know where you eat? Will you stay in a hotel or with your brother? School starts at 7:20 and end at 2:00. We don’t come to school on Saturday or Sunday. Please let us know when you arrive!

  4. Ernie says:

    Hi Boys and girls! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Spring Break. I have been having a blast and have visited many places until I found what I think is the right spot. I spent some time in Peru but I realized that was the wrong direction. I really enjoyed visiting though. I have ended up in Indonesia. Is this right? If not let me know some more clues. I really like it though. So many animals and plants.

    I really looked at all your clues more carefully and had to look at each clue one at a time. Is the famous scientist name Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas? I see she is from Toronto (her parents were from Lithuania…who knows where that is)? She was inspired by Curious George and the man with the yellow hat….I can’t believe she knew she would be an explorer in the 2nd grade. That’s where you all will be next year!

    I found some really cool facts about orangutans and the rain forest….what did you all find out? It is amazing here. There is a special camp and so much wildlife. When you all get back let me know some questions you may have or some information you may have found. Bye for now.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Ernie. It’s me, Cammie, on my mom’s iphone. Hope your having a great time traveling. I think it’s Indonesia. I only
      Think. If i’m not right, then it will be
      oqwerd. But I can not remember
      the siyentist’s name. Tell me if you
      have all your gear. You know it’s April 7th and tomaro spring break is over. I know something about orangutans. They can live over 30 years but we have to protect them from the poachers. I just wanted you to know that about orangutans. Ttyl!

      • Ernie says:

        Hi Cammie! Cool fact about orangutans! You are right about having to protect them from poachers. There are less and less orangutans so we need to make sure they are safe and more can be born. I’m good with my gear. I have lots of bug spray. It stays wet here a lot and that means lots of bugs. Thanks for writing and I hope you had a good week back from Spring Break. Tell everyone hi for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ernie, you found it!! You are a very good traveler! You are patient too. Did you get to the camp and meet the scientist? You were correct about her. How did you travel that far? By boat? By jet? Did you see a jacquar in the jungle? Cole wants to know why are there so many snakes in the jungle? Aleyah asked if you saw a margays or butterflies? And did you see snakes? Josh asked if you saw scorpions? Mrs. Alves wants to know if you got to hold the orangutan. Fischer wants to know about sloths. So many animals, so little time.
      Stay safe!

  5. Ernie says:

    Hey boys and girls,
    I’m hoping I found the right spot. I am here in the rain forest of Peru. Is this the right place? Rain forests are wet most of the time, it’s over 7,000 miles from Washington State and it has the Cock of the Rock which is Puru’s national bird. If I’m wrong let me know so I can keep trying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh no, Ernie…….!!!! You are in the wrong continent. And you are really a long way from our destination. You need to go west by jet nearer to the continent China. This country is south of China. You forgot about the orangutans. They live protected in a National Park. Do you need the name of the scientist in charge or can you figure out from here? Good try, Ernie. It is a rainforest but just the wrong. There are many rainforests located near the equator. Did you forget about the margays, blue morphos, etc? We made you some picture clues. Mrs. Alves’ put them on a website for you. Please go to comemories.com to view the picture clues. Let us know if you need more help.
      We are counting on you to figure this out! You are very far away right now.

  6. Ernie says:

    Mitch Seavey wins!!! What a close race. He only won by 23 minutes and 39 seconds. Second place was a woman named Alie Zirkle. What’s really cool is Mitch was the oldest racer to win. He is 53 years old. He gave all the credit to his dog Tanner. He said that Tanner is probably the best dog he has ever had.

    Anyhow, thought you may like to know who won…..but you all are so smart you probably already knew that. Take care.

    • cdalves says:

      Yes, Ernie, we already knew! Did you know it took him a little over 9 days to win? Did you have fun watching? Ok, we are planning our next location for you. For now, all we are going to tell you is this place’s climate is hot and wet. We would like to do a little more research and meet with you again on skype for our next set of clues. We will be ready by next Wednesday. Can you skype then? Where will you be next Wednesday?

      • Ernie says:

        Yeah!! Hot and wet…I can’t wait. I had to go work a little in a place called Seattle. Do you all know where that is? It’s in a state named after a famous U.S President. What time do you want to Skype of Wednesday? I’ll see if I can make it. Can’t wait!

        • cdalves says:

          Ernie, we know where you are in Seattle Washington. It’s far northwest. We want to Skype on Wednesday at 1:15. We will have our clues by then. See you in two days!

  7. Ernie says:

    Hi Boys and Girls,
    Thanks for your patience. I have been trying to get onto your blog but haven’t been very successful until now. I called my brother and he said he would work on it…..I guess he fixed it. Thanks Alfonso!!

    The race beginning was a blast. The are a lot of activities. I didn’t get to pet any of the dogs. They were quite busy and I was a little bit nervous to pet them. They looked super soft though. I hope all the racers are okay…Race is almost over. There will be a big party when the racers all come in. The cool thing is even though there is a winner, all the racers are treated so special and are very appreciated.

    Looks like Martin Buser is in the lead and may win. Are you all thinking of another place for me to go? Maybe warmer 🙂 Anyway, I hope you all get this message. I’m just testing it to see if it will work. Talk with you soon.


  8. Ernie says:

    Whew! What a trip! I have been on a boat for so long. It was freezing on the water but when I saw land I was very happy. There was tons of ice but it was a wonderful site.

    I finally saw your post and was happy I was in the right place. I have made it to Anchorage, Alaska! The race you have been studying about is the IDITAROD and I just made it in time. It is set to start on Saturday. What kind of fun facts have you found? The dogs are treated so special and the racers are preparing right now.

    I’m really glad you chose the race as my destination. I have never seen this race before and can’t wait. I know you have had fun studying all about it. The only thing I would change is not taking a boat. Have fun watching the race…..I know I will.Photo%20on%202013-02-28%20at%2022.23.jpgPhoto%20on%202013-02-28%20at%2022.24.jpgPhoto%20on%202013-02-28%20at%2022.26%20%232.jpg

    • cdalves says:

      Ernie, congratulations! You are very smart. We are so excited that you are there and hope that you can possibly share some with us. Here are some of the fun facts we have learned:
      Aleyah: Jonah and Kelsey are the lead dogs in two teams that belong to the twin women you see in the picture.
      Cammie: One of the twins is a rookie the other is a veteran racer.
      Marco: It can take up to two weeks to complete the race.
      Taron: The race ends in Nome.
      Sanita: The dogs sleep on fresh straw every night.
      Maliyah: There are checkpoints on the race where the vet checks each dog and make sure the mushers are ok. And this is where they eat and sleep.
      Sometimes they can sleep in their sleds with this special tent attached.
      Sanita: There is another special race called the Junior Iditarod race.
      Cameron: This race is for teenagers to 17.
      NOW…….here are our questions for you:

      Sean: What is your shelter every night, Ernie?
      Cameron: Can you touch any of the dogs? Are they soft?
      Cammie: Tell us your favorite dog in the race and what breed it is. And, also, can you skype again with us sometime during the race on a school day?

      Your pictures are thrilling! We can’t wait to hear more and we wish we were there with you!

      Mrs. Alves’ Class

  9. Ernie says:

    Hi boys and girls,
    Sorry it’s been a while. I took a take a plane and headed Northwest 5 thousand miles . I stopped at a place I’ve always wanted to visit…..Finland. What a beautiful country. I’ve posted some pictures.

    I remembered you said I needed to go to a peninsula near water and travel 9 thousand miles so after 5,000 miles I still have 4,000. I couldn’t get another plane right away so I thought taking a boat would work. Of course taking a boat takes a lot longer than a plane. I’ve enjoyed the boat but I enjoy saving time on the plane.

    The weather has turned soooo much colder and the water seems to be FREEZING! I remembered A.J said cold water so I must be headed in the right directions. There are a couple of ideas where I can go…in fact this looks a little bit familiar when I was in Canada. I was looking up some information on races. Could you tell me a little more about this race you were talking about? I think I remember you mentioning Jona (?) and Kelsey. Are these people who are racing? I couldn’t find any famous people named Jona or Kelsey….except for the Jonas brothers who play cool music. Is this place I’m looking for in Canada? Thanks again, I’m having a blast! I hope to get there soon.

    • cdalves says:

      Oh Ernie, you need to hurry! The race starts on Saturday, March 2. It’s not Canada! You still need to go west! The race can be bumpy because there is snow and ice and it’s NOT running. You have to be with a team. We have two picture clues. One has part of the name of the place where you are going and the other one has a symbol of the race. See if you can research that!

  10. Ernie says:

    Hi boys and girls, Thanks for all of your hard work trying to find me. You were pretty close with Zimbabwe. I was in the Serengeti National Park. Tons of wild animals. Thanks Aleyah, Carolyn, Cammie, Cameron, Eric, and Breanna for some wonderful information. You are correct that the weather is Spring like. It is about 80 degrees and I love it!

    Mrs. Alves, it would be great to talk with you and your class. I can do a Skype on Wednesday. It will be nice to talk with someone back in the States. I will contact you my Skype information. My brother says I should never give out personal information on the computer. I can’t wait to hear where I am going. Bye.

  11. cdalves says:

    Hey Ernie,
    We would like to know if you are in Zimbabwe? We had a hard time with the ruler on the Promethean Board for Google Earth.
    Here’s what we know about giraffes.
    Aleyah says they blend in to brown backgrounds.
    Carolyn says when they are born they are about 5 to 6 feet tall.
    Cammie says need tall necks to get their food from tree tops.
    Cameron says their neck is so long they can reach around the whole entire tree. Eric says they have long legs to run fast. Breanna says their legs bend forward and ours can’t.
    We remember we used the temperature probe with the computers. And we found that 29 degrees is in the 70’s here! That’s spring temperature!!
    Ok Ernie,
    We are researching a place we want you to visit. We have a place we want you to visit in March. So hold on……we’ll be back with clues. Can we talk with you face to face next Wednesday? Do you have Skype? We don’t have Facetime?

  12. Ernie says:

    Hi Boys and Girls! Sorry It’s been a while since I touched base with you. The weather here is so much warmer than Canada. Eric, that’s wild about being 70º and the next day maybe snowing….wow. Here the weather is 29 degrees Celsius. That sounds cold but it’s a little different. Where you are ,you measure temperature in Fahrenheit. Over here we measure in Celsius. Can you figure out what 29º C is in American temperature?

    Autumn, Aleyah, Anna, Carolyn, Peyton, and Rahim……..you are all correct. I get to see all of these animals. Aleyah, the reason I mentioned these animals is because the place I am staying has weather that is perfect for all of these animals. It a great habitat for them. Do you all know what a habitat is? The animals are all different colors and sizes. Why do you think the animals all look different and have designs on their furs or sharp object sticking out of their bodies? My favorite is the giraffe. Do you know any interesting facts about giraffes?

    To find the place I’m staying you are a long way if you are looking in Ghana. Using Google Earth, you need to go about 2,500 miles Southeast. You are looking North of Tazenia and just south of Kenya. It’s officially in Tanzania.

    See if you can figure it out. Hopefully if you can find me you can figure out another place for me to go. I’m not sure where I should go next.

  13. cdalves says:

    We have looked at Google Earth and we saw Ghana. We saw an airport. We saw alot of National Parks. We saw that the land had been deforested. We are glad they are protecting the land now. We saw the Ghana flag…green, yellow and red stripes with a star.
    We’d like you to know it’s warm here today. Eric wants to know if it is warm there or cold? Friday we might get snow but today it’s in the 70’s.
    3700 is a big number! How are you traveling?
    Autumn says lions are in the movie. Aleyah says there are hyenas. Anna says elephants, Carolyn says monkeys, Peyton says birds and Rahim says giraffes.
    Aleyah wants to know why did you ask us about those animals?
    Please let us know when you arrive and we will discuss some other things with you in the future.

  14. Ernie says:

    You are welcome Cammie. I’m enjoying the game as well. I get to see new things. Eric, super researching along with the rest of the class. Breanna, it is beautiful here! Cole, Jaden and Cameron…I’m really glad you got to see all the different animals that are here during all the seasons. Winter is getting too cold for me so it’s time for me to move on.

    I am heading East to another continent. It’s going to be a long trip..just over 3,700 miles! How many one, tens, hundreds, and even thousands are in this number?

    Have you ever seen the Lion King movie? The place I’m going has all the animals from that movie. What animals do you think I’m talking about?

    The place I’m staying is going to be north of Tanzania and south of western Kenya.

    When I get there and you need more clues let me know. I will also send a picture.

  15. cdalves says:

    Cammie says, “Thanks for the clues. We really enjoy this game.” Eric says we found you! You are in Algonquin Provincial Park. Breanna says the park we saw was beautiful. Cole says we saw a picture of untouched nature that was beautiful. Jaden says we saw a fall picture of the lake. Cameron also liked the trout that they have. We saw fall leaves.
    Where are you going next? Are you going north again? There’s sure to be more snow north. We are waiting for your next clue!

  16. Ernie says:

    wow…great ideas for clothing….and especially hot chocolate! So you know I’m in Canada huh? Great job. The reason you are going to see 14 degree weather is because all of the cold air in Canada is dropping down toward you all. It is -21 degrees here now. Hopefully you won’t get that cold. I’m hoping you will figure out where I am exactly so I can head out to a new area….maybe a warmer place. Here is a clue….you need the internet and Google Earth.
    If you search for Ontario’s Five Largest Provincial Parks I’m in one of those places. But which one? If you find Toronto on google map and travel about 215 miles Northeast (use the ruler tool at the top of Google) you will get to another province. From there you will travel about 133 miles west (slightly northwest).

    You can then type each park and see which one makes the most sense. Brrrrrr..gotta go…. That dratted bull moose is chasing me again.

  17. cdalves says:

    Here is a list of things we think you need.
    hot chocolate
    We know where the bears are. They are hibernating.
    We are researching where you are. We will get back to you after we figure it out. We already know you are somewhere in Canada.
    Guess what!? It’s going to be 14 degrees here!

  18. Ernie says:

    Hi Brother and Alves’ Aces. I had a short plane ride but I’ve been busy hiking through the beautiful woodlands. Boy is it cold! Boys and girls, what do you think I should have packed to visit this place? I’m in a province of this large North American country. It is 34º in the daytime high. It will get down to 14º tonight….by Thursday it will only be a high of 14º!! The night will be down to -3º! There are still plenty of animals though. I have seen Moose, foxes, birds like the Blue Jay, and deer. I heard they have bears but I haven’t seen any. Where do you think the bears are? How do you think these animals can survive in such cold weather? What do they eat?

    The people here speak French and English. Their flag has a big maple leaf on it. The place I’m staying is home to so many animals. It is North of Toronto and West of Ottawa.

    Can you guess the Country? Can you guess where I’m staying?

  19. Mrs. Alves says:

    Yes, Ernie, we do know about research. It’s when you find information on the computer, in books or in magazines.
    We are ready for the challenge!
    TTYL, Alves’ Aces

  20. Ernie says:

    Hi Breanna, I went to so many museums… I went to the Native American museum, Smithsonian, Air and Space, and many more. Eric, my favorite was the Air and Space museum. I love aircrafts. Pierce, they do have a museum with a HUGE woolly mammoth, it’s called the museum of Natural History…that was my second favorite. That’s the fun part of all these places Anna, they are fun for both kids and parents.

    MLK did indeed make his speech at the Lincoln memorial. I put a picture on your blog. Cammie, I’m having a great time traveling. It’s been so much fun learning different things. Carolyn, I drove at the beginning but am getting ready to go to places farther away so I’m taking a plane…In fact I already took a plane and am heading to my next stop. Great observation about being above ground Jaden. On my way out on the plane, I was able to take my own picture looking out the window. I didn’t open any doors….I’m too scared to do that.

    You are all correct….I was in Washington D.C!! My next stops are a little farther so I will be there over the weekend. I will try to get you some harder clues. You may have to do some research. Do you know what that is? Have a great weekend everybody! Bye bye brother…don’t forget to visit your students.

  21. cdalves says:

    Hi Ernie,
    Breanna wants to know what museum are you going to?
    Eric wants to know if you are going to a Science Museum? Are you going to a dinosaur museum?
    Are you in Washington, DC? We recognize the Washington Monument.
    Well, we know that MLK gave a speech in Washington DC. But we know he gave his speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
    Cammie would like to know if you are having fun traveling?
    Carolyn wants to know how are you traveling?
    Pierce wants to know what other places you are going to?
    Anna wants to know if you are going to a kids’ or grownups’ museum?
    Jaden thinks you look like you are above the ground in the picture clue? How is that possible?
    Cameron says sometimes you can fly in a helicopter and open the door so you can see. Were you in a helicopter?
    Cammie says we KNOW you are in Washington because we recognize the monument.
    Bye for now! Can’t wait to get a clues from new places.

    Alves’ Aces

  22. Ernie says:

    Oh! I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the picture of you all. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?? I think I see some twins! Yay for twins!

  23. Ernie says:

    Happy day boys and girls. I had a great trip heading Just straight north. It didn’t take me long to get her (about 2 1/2 hours). There was a lot of traffic! I did have time to explore this great place. Here are some clues besides the ones I just gave you.

    1. You have studied about this place with your teacher.
    2. I am still in the United States.
    3. I am NOT in an official State of the United States (confusing huh?).
    4. I have a lot of statues and monuments for people to see (one monument is 555 feet tall!).
    5. It is named after a General in the Continental Army.
    6. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a special speech here.
    7. Look at the picture above to see a bird eye view clue. What do I mean by birds eye view?

    Good Luck! I have to go visit the museums now (that’s another clue.)

  24. ajfavale says:

    You’re off to a great start boys and girls. We will find my brother. Ernie, we need some more clues!

  25. cdalves says:

    We are so excited! We tracked big footprints and we wondered it they were yours! We looked for clues at recess. You were all we thought about at recess.
    So we already have a question. We are wondering if north is straight north, northwest or northeast. We are excited to get your clues.
    Here is a picture of us so you know what we look like.
    Mrs. Alves’ class

  26. Ernie says:

    Hi boys and girls,
    Thanks for agreeing to help. I can’t believe you already figured out where I was. Yes, I was on your playground. Great detective work. I was out there yesterday! I was having lunch with my brother and he gave me a tour of the school. This is where we decided to play our game of hide and seek. Oh..and someone asked if I played on the equipment….OF COURSE! I love to exercise.

    You all came up with some great ideas to talk and communicate. I can use my iPad and computer for Skype and Face Time. Super idea about the phone….I didn’t even think about that being “live”. I’ll bring those things along with me.

    I have already gone to hide. I haven’t arrived yet so will give you clues tomorrow. I can tell you from your school I am heading North.


  27. cdalves says:

    Hi Ernie! Nice to meet you over the blog. We have some questions.
    Were you on our playground? When were you on our playground? We recognized the equipment, the trees and the mulch.

    What do you have so we can talk live with each other? Here are the choices we thought :
    1. the computer- internet, facetime, skype
    2. ipad
    4. ipod
    5. ipod touch
    6. regular cell phone

    What do you have Ernie?
    Did you go on our tall slide? Did you play on any of the equipment?
    We are SO excited to help Mr. Alfonso Favale find you. We can’t wait to see where you are next!

    talk to you later….ttyl
    Mrs. Alves and her smart first grade class

  28. Mr. Alfonso says:

    Oh Ernie…you are a sneaky brother! I’m up for the challenge and I will have some great helpers. Mrs. Alves class is very smart. I will find you brother!

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