Wow! What can I say? The best place to visit, out of all the places you sent me, was…..Greenwood Elementary. I enjoyed seeing all of you in person. What super personalities you all have. Thanks again for letting me spend time with you this year and sending me to some very cool and interesting places. I had a blast. Best of luck to each of you. I hope you stay confident and imagine all the possibilities available to you. You can and will reach your dreams ~ Ernie



CLICK HERE to see Mrs. Alves go on stage to receive your class award. YEAH!

Aloha! Do you know what that means in Hawaii? I am having a BLAST! I can’t thank you enough for sending me on this wonderful island and 50th State of the U.S.A. The weather is a perfect 75º but it is about to rain…but it doesn’t matter because even the rain is nice. I went to the rain forest and saw VOG that you were talking about and ate some super delicious poi. A picture is below. See if you can figure out which picture. I also found a nene goose and a scarlet bird. Lots of costumes made from plant reeds, dry grass, coconuts, leather, fur, and sticks (wood). A lot of natural resources which means they are living off the land. I love that. Boys and girls, I will be leaving in the next couple of days and wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for a super game of hide and go seek. Your research was awesome and informative. I heard that other folks looked at the blog and thought you did a great job also. Keep on studying, researching, and creating. Best of luck to you next year! Aloha!
hawaii pics.001
hawaii pics.002
hawaii pics.004
hawaii pics.005
hawaii pics.006
hawaii pics.007

Hi Boys and Girls!
Thanks for all the clues. I’m excited to take some time off from work. As I mentioned before, I travel to many places. According to your clues I’m not very far. I’m already 2,550 miles west of Virginia. Can you do the math and figure out how far I have left to travel to this beautiful area you are sending me? I will arrange a flight and get traveling. Can you guess where I am traveling from? There is a famous zoo, it has spring like weather most of the year, the baseball team are the Padres and football team are the Chargers. The picture I’m attaching pretty much gives it away.
According to my mapping, by going west I will arrive on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Is this correct? There are 8 islands but the distance you gave me puts me on the most southern tip…so the main island is where I will go. I will plan on staying at Pahoa which is a small area but rich in history. Should I go to any particular island or tourist attraction for you? I will start finding some of the items you all researched. I can’t wait to eat poi and see some dancing. You all have picked a wonderful place for me to relax and have fun. Let me start packing and I’ll be in touch. Oh yeah….I’m not afraid of the active volcano or the smoke coming from this volcano mixing with the air, moisture and sunlight causing something called VOG. Air pollution is yucky! TTYLFH
San Diego.001

Howdy Everyone! I just got your response. I drove my rental car from Arizona to one of my favorite places….San Diego, California! While in Arizona I stopped by many Navajo villages and bought some crafts. They make beautiful rugs and have wonderful jewelry. The drive wasn’t great after that. There is a lot of desert land to drive across. I only saw Mesas which are short and small mountains (hills) that are flat like tables. Mesa means table in spanish so I guess that’s where the name comes from. I stumbled upon the Petrified Forest. That’s really cool. These trees have been here sooo long and have turned into rock! I was able to see the Hoover Dam in Nevada. It is pretty amazing to see. I’ve seen pictures but it’s much bigger in person. Well, last stop to the Pacific Ocean, San Diego. The sand feels different. I also had time to enjoy the San Diego zoo. I will spend time with my family during the holiday season by flying (finally…tired of driving). I hope all of you have a safe, relaxing and fun Winter break. Maybe you can think of some awesome places for me to visit. It’s 77º right now which I LOVE but I’ll be ready for some colder places. So long for now…see you next year!

GREAT JOB ERNIE!! You figured it out. You are so smart. We are getting ready for your next destination. We figured you might be flying back home for the time being. We are learning about Holidays around the World right now. But we will be giving you clues after we research. It won’t be until after our holiday. So we hope you enjoy your holiday, whatever it may be! We will post in January!happy-holidays

Thanks for the new clues!! Sorry it has taken a few days to get back with you. Being in the desert, sometimes I don’t get a good connection in order to connect to the internet or cell phone. I think I was pretty close. I just had to drive a little bit further into the state of Arizona. Is this correct? I’m in a small settlement in Genado. I stopped in a trading post and it is beautiful. It has all kinds of handmade crafts and plenty of history. The people here are super nice. I have traveled away from Hubbell Trading Post to visit the Grand Canyon. That’s in Arizona as well…it is Amazing! What a beautiful state. If this is not the right spot, please let me know. I’m having an amazing time finding new places even when I get lost. Sometimes getting lost is fun.

You asked how I can take my own pictures at some of these places. I use a camera tripod most of the time. This is a stand with 3 legs that your camera goes. My camera has a countdown that I click and I have 10 seconds to get ready before it takes a picture. Sometimes if there is another person with me, I ask them to take my picture. There is always a nice person willing to do this. When I take my own picture sometimes it comes out fuzzy, sorry about that.

Okay, if I’m in the wrong place give me some more clues. If I was successful, think of another place for me to go. What else did you find out about Arizona? Did you have any questions? Thanks everyone…see you at my next destination.

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 10.02.01 AM

Oh Ernie,

You are so close. But you need to be in a different state of the “4 Corners” and Gila Monsters live in the desert! You are correct about the Hogans. But there’s another state with hogans. You are correct about the Navajos! Go south west. We are thinking of a certain Trading Post. It’s been operating since 1878. This is where you would meet the people that live in the hogans.

But we have a question for you. How are you able to take your own picture with you in it? Are you traveling with someone? Is your twin brother with you? Well, that’s enough for now! You should be just a few hours away from the location we are sending you. By the way, do you like to eat goat meat? Sometimes the people in this “reservation” have different celebrations than us.  Let us know if you need more information.



Hello from southwestern U.S.A! I enjoyed spending time in Puerto Rico during the Thanksgiving holiday. It was nice to spend time with family. However, it was time to pack the thick coat, wool hats, scarves, gloves, and boots (thanks for the packing tips…that really helps me), it was time to go to the airport and fly 2,800 miles northwest. When I landed I found myself in the United States at a state called Colorado. I’m hoping this is correct. If not, I’ve been having a great time visiting learning a lot of cool facts. The weather isn’t too bad right now (49º) so just the same clothes I would wear in Virginia.

Well, you told me to keep an eye on some animals so I did. I have found some Elk and Moose but no bobcats, sandhill cranes, or bighorn sheep yet. I didn’t know this but Elk and Moose kinda look the same but you can tell them apart because Elk run away easily and moose don’t. Elk have pointy antlers and moose have thinker rounder antlers. It’s illegal to kill a moose but not an elk. The folks here told me they did have these animals you told me to look for but I’m probably in the wrong spots for these. What other reasons do you think I may not be seeing some of these animals like the sandhill cranes? I have been making sure not to see the gila monsters! Thanks to Isabel I know these are venomous but they do hang around here according to the native people. The pictures I’ve seen are cool looking but I think I’ll pass on looking for any of them.

So I arrived in Colorado and have been making my way by car. There is a LOT of land around here. You were right, no fences and I’ve seen some animals like bison walking anywhere they want….even in front of my car. I am asking around for a place that has hogans (which I found out is a type of building build by Navajo indians) and where they don’t speak much english. They sent me to a place called El Pueblo. I’m on my way there now. This is probably wrong so do you mind sending me a few more clues as to the exact location I should be looking to find?

This is very exciting! I’m learning so much even if I’m in the wrong place. I can’t wait to see a bear…maybe tonight or tomorrow. So long from Colorado where part of the beautiful Rocky Mountains are located (your class last year should be studying these). Oh yea…thanks for the picture of your class. You have a good looking group Mrs. Alves. They are really tall. I thought they were 3rd graders at first. I bet they are as smart as third graders. You all take care.



Hi Ernie!

Yes, I have 21 students in my class. They are inquisitive, smart, strong, funny and ready for some geography fun!  We would like to play your game. Here are some questions for you from my students.

Where do you live and what’s it like there?

Do you like to play games alot?

Where did you come from?

Do you have any pets?

Do you eat a lot of fruits?

We are going to research and give you some clues very soon. So we hope you can pack your bags quickly to go to our mystery location. Stay tuned to our blog and we will post shortly. We will post a picture of our class as well. ttys!





17 Responses to Where in the world is Ernie now? 2013- 2014

  1. cdalves says:

    Hi Ernie,
    Dallas Seavey won the race! And Ally Zirkle was in 2nd place. It was very exciting and a close race. Jeff King had to scratch because the snow was blowing so hard, he couldn’t see. He finally had to call for emergency help. Ally was two minutes behind Dallas! I hope we see or hear from you soon.
    Kate wants to know if you want us to give you more clues for a new location? How about somewhere warm?

    • ajfavale says:

      Hi boys and girls. Thanks for the update. Wow…that sounds like an exciting finish! Wish I could have been there but it sounds like the weather was pretty rough. I’ve been super busy but I do have a few days of “off” time. How about 1 more clue to a place that is warm. That was a great idea Kate. Do me a favor, I’m using a map from where I am and have limited time with internet. Let me know some symbols to look for, cardinal directions, and continents and/or landmarks to watch out for. Can’t wait to see where I will get some relaxation time. Looking forward to your clues.

  2. cdalves says:

    Hi Ernie,
    We have an exciting new destination. We have researched and found that you will be traveling east from Virginia 7365 miles. Wear warm clothes and use an airplane because we also found out that this place has four seasons just like Virginia and they are having winter now. We have found several native animals you may see including alligators, antelopes, golden monkeys and an endangered dolphin called the Baiji that only lives here.
    Let us know if you find it and when you go traveling. We would like to Skype with you sometime in the future.
    Good luck!

    • Ernie says:

      YAHOOO! We are ready to start again! I hope everyone is doing well. I had a great holiday but I had to do some work for the government. I will be mixing business with playing hide and go seek. I will start researching by using my map then going to Google Earth. 7,365 miles means I’m going pretty far east. I’ll write back to tell you where I am and hopefully I’ll be close to the right spot.

      I would love to Skype one day. I will check where there will be connections and I’ll be in touch with my brother Alfonso to see if he can help me out. Talk with you all soon.

    • ajfavale says:

      Hi Boys and Girls,
      Well…what an adventure! I stopped by your school a couple of weeks ago to surprise you and say hello but as luck would have it… had a snow day! Your teacher had to come to school, so I got to say hello to her.


      Because of all the snow, the planes were delayed so I rescheduled to leave later in the week. I researched your clues and found myself on a plane going to China. China is a pretty big place so I looked for some of the biggest cities. I went to Bejing
      I saw the Great Wall of China while I was there. Did you know this wall is so long that you can even see it high on an airplane and on a map using the computer. Pretty cool!
      but I don’t think this is the place because I didn’t see any of the animals you spoke about. I did however see where the Summer Olympics took place. Did you all know the Olympics were held in Bejing in 2008? It’s a beautiful city. I went to another pretty big city not too far. I took a fast train. The city is called Tianjin. I arrived Jan. 30th and as luck would have it….Chinese New Year was the next day! Boy was that fun. There was a lot of cool costumes and tons of people having a good
      Sooo…which city was I supposed to go? I’m glad you told me to bring a variety of clothes. It’s actually pretty cold in China. It got down to around freezing (do you know what that would be?) and below freezing at night. You all have had colder weather than China. My brother said this weekend was like spring however. I guess China really does have kind of the same weather as Virginia.

      Okay…did you notice I said it WAS cold in China…..I’m actually not in China any more. I wasn’t sure how many days you would miss from school so I left for another place. Here are some clues to see if you can figure out where I am.

      You will travel east
      By plane it will take 9 1/2 hours if you don’t take any stops
      It is off the coast of the Black Sea
      It’s a perfect place to do a lot of winter sports
      athletes from all around the world will be competing in these winter sports soon
      It’s right on the edge of the continent of Europe (but it’s not Europe)

      See if you can figure this out and in the meantime….. I’m going to be rooting for the U.S.A!!!

      Bye from S…….I

      • cdalves says:

        Damontae says Congratulations for finding it! IT was Tianjin!
        Salem says we are glad you put in the pictures so we knew where you were!
        Kate says she hopes you stayed warm.
        Fallou says he is happy you didn’t miss Chinese New Year!!
        Rabia says did you even get to see a panda in China?
        Isabel says Did you enjoy China?
        Nyla says did you eat Chinese food??
        Benjamin asks if they have any American food in China?
        Eli says and we agree, we think we know where you are because we have been talking about it!! Sochi!
        Now for you! WE want to give you some clues to try to guess which sports we want you to go to while you are there. So…hold on. We are going to research this week and will get back to you soon. Keep checking the blog!
        Go USA!!!
        Mrs. Alves’ class

        • Ernie says:

          Thanks Damontae! I’m glad I got to the right place. Salem , I’m glad you like the pictures. It’s tough to take a good picture. I don’t always do a good job holding the camera with one hand. I try to stay in the corner so I don’t cover up the rest of the picture.
          Kate, thanks for reminding me to stay warm. Fallou , I’m glad I didn’t miss Chinese New Year either. It’s AWESOME! Rabia , I actually did not see a panda bear. I didn’t make it to the zoo but they have lots of pictures of pandas. Maybe I’ll go back soon to actually see one. Isabel , China is wonderful. It’s tough not knowing the language but it’s a beautiful place. Nyla , good question. I ate rice and seaweed. The rest was american food. Benjamin , they have tons of american food in China. I didn’t have a problem finding something I liked to eat. Hanks Grill was great and sounds very American. I needed to watch the Super Bowl. Eli ….great job. I am in Sochi so research those games and I’ll try to get to some. Talk with you all soon.

        • cdalves says:


          Hi Ernie,
          Hope you are enjoying the Olympics. Did you see the Opening Ceremonies? Some of us recorded it and saw it! Exciting. We have 4 events we would so love for you to see but you will have to guess quickly before they are done!

          1st: This one will be happening today!! It’s a couple from Michigan. They were the first Americans to win a world championship in 2011. They have been together practicing since they were 10……hope you see them.

          2nd: This event was scheduled today but is was so warm in Russia, they are fixing the course. This American has already won 2 gold medals before! This event might be delayed. It’s shaped like a cylinder!

          3rd: This event is scheduled for Feb. 14. IT’s a very dangerous ice sport. It has been 12 years since we won a gold medal and this athlete was trained and mentored by the last champion, Shea!

          4th: This event is happening on Feb. 16. It is also very dangerous. There can be two or four people in this event on a team. It is an ice event and speeds can reach up to 100 miles per hour. Two women won gold medals in the World Cup this year.

          Good luck. I would love to see pictures from Sochi!!

          • Ernie says:

            Hi Everyone,
            Well….I thought when I went to the Olympics I would be so cold I couldn’t stand it. It turns out that it is super nice over here in Russia. It has been in the 60’s most of the time. The racers have a hard time with this because the snow gets a little soft and it slows them down. They are doing something to the snow to make it faster though. My brother said it has been super cold in Virginia and you all got a lot of snow. He tells me you are out of school. Maybe you are holding your own olympic races at home. I hope so because watching the Olympics has been super fun!

            I was able to watch a little bit of one of the favorite sports to watch….ice skating. There was some fantastic skating but also some falling. No matter how people did, the fans were always cheering them on. It was great to see such wonderful sportsmanship. Do you know what that word means? How can you show sportsmanship when you have your field day races coming up soon? I believe I saw the American couple you were talking about. Meryl Davis and Charlie White were so awesome. They can really skate well. It’s amazing to see the flips and throwing and twirling. I think it’s cool they have been together for like 17 years. They started when they were about 9 or 10 like you told me. How old are you all? Maybe some of you will start dancing together soon. Do you think it would be weird to dance with a boy or girl when you are 9 or 10 years old?

            A cool event to see was the half pipe. Thanks for the suggestion. I believe you all were research Shaun White. He has been winning all medals before..but….he didn’t do so well this time. I think everybody was pretty surprised. You should have seen all these riders twirl and flip in the air. I don’t know how they don’t get dizzy. The gold medal winner was Iouri (Yori) Podladtchikov. He is on the Swiss team but was born in Russia. Everyone was cheering him on. He did this crazy move the Double McTwist which is two flips and three and a half spins. They all did a great job.

            I had a tough time with the race on Feb. 14th. I researched Shea and found that he won a gold medal in the skeleton race. Well…that name just sounds dangerous so I’m guessing it’s this race. I saw the women race yesterday and an American is doing great. She is in second place. Do you know her name? Today is Feb. 14th and I’m at the men’s race now…I don’t want to spoil how they are doing. Why can I see the race before most people see it on t.v? Anyhow, the three men that have done well are Matthew Antoine, John Daly, and Kyle Tress. Is one of these the guys you researched? This is an awesome race…much faster than me on my sled going down a hill.

            The last race you mentioned I’ll have to get back to you. I don’t think I’ll have to travel very far and I think I know the race. I’ll try to see it in a couple of days. I’ll get back to you soon. Enjoy your snow days while I enjoy warm weather at the Winter Olympics 🙂

            I will send pictures soon. To much to do and see that I haven’t taken all my pictures from my camera yet.

            • Ernie says:

              HELP!! Time is running out! I had such a great time in Sochi watching some of the Olympics that I forgot I was supposed to make it to another famous and cold event. You only have 5 days to figure out the clues and see where I may be. I know you can do it because you are good researchers.

              Here are some clues for you to figure out where I am and what race I will be watching. Maybe we can Skype from there.

              From Sochi, you will travel Slightly North and mainly east 5, 172 miles which means I will be flying.

              However You can travel from Greenwood Elem. to this place by traveling North West for 4, 367 miles. If you take a car it will take you 3 days and 3 hours. Do you know how many total hours this will be?

              This is a cold place, right now it is 18º early in the morning and will be a high of 32º. Is it cold enough to snow? I hope so because there is a famous race here that takes lots of snow just like the Winter Olympics.

              The finish line of this race is Nome.

              It once took a racer to win this race in 8 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes and 2 seconds. This is the record, I believe, and some racers can take 10-11 days.

              The first race was March 3rd, 1973

              Twin girls will be racing this race, Here is a video to watch after you figured out where I am

              Good luck and here are a couple of pictures from Sochi. My last event was the hockey semi finals. Do you know which North American country won?

              • cdalves says:

                Ernie, We figured it out! You are going to the last great race, the Iditarod! Who will win? Are you wearing warm things? Do you know any of the dogs’ names? We would like to know who you meet and see. Send pictures. Is it going to be on tv like the Olympics? Do you know the twins’ names? We are going to research about the Iditarod. Can you skype from Alaska??? If so, we would like to skype next week in the afternoon. But you will have tell us when you are available.

                • Ernie says:

                  Great job boys and girls. I thought I wrote to you all earlier but it looks like my response didn’t go through. The internet is okay but not the best here. I’ve actually been doing some work and traveling back and forth from a country north of the United States. Do you know where? I’ve been able to stop by a couple of check points but really, I’ve been enjoying the city of Nome where the race will be ending. I’ve been keeping up with the internet to see how folks are doing. The place I like the best is the polar cafe. Good breakfast food and it overlooks this great sea. Do you know what sea it may overlook? I contacted Mrs. Alves and we will try to skype tomorrow. Can’t wait to meet you. I will try to find a quiet place with a good connection. So long for now. Go Sonny Linder!!

                  • cdalves says:

                    Hey Ernie!
                    We are so excited to Skype! We have questions for you. We found the sea by the Polar Cafe. It’s called the Bering Sea. Jaylon reminded us how to find it. He told us to Google the Alaska map. And that’s how we found it! Have a great time! By the way, Sonny Linder is in 2nd place! Will Jeff King win? He’s won it before in 2006.
                    2006 is the year most of us were born!!!!!
                    Talk to you soon!

                    • Ernie says:

                      Hi boys and girls! I just wanted to say thank you for skyping with me. It was great to see all of you and what an extra treat to see my friends from last year. Please let me know how the rest of the race goes. I had to leave and have to work. Thanks again and I’ll try to get some pictures for you soon.

                      April 28, 2014 LAST DESTINATION
                      Hello Ernie, We have been very busy learning and we have finally gotten a chance to do some research on the last location where we would like you to go. We are excited to tell you that it is a nice warm place so that should make you happy. So here are our clues:

                      Directions:You need to travel 4690 miles west from Virginia. You should take an airplane.. It will take about 11-12 hours on your plane trip.
                      The place where you are going measures 1523 miles wide!

                      Climate: There are only 2 seasons here! In this place there are tropical rainforests, alpine areas, deserts and sunny beaches. There are also trade winds. There is a very special weather called VOG. You need to research what vog means…

                      Animals in this area include:
                      monk seals
                      Nene goose
                      scarlet birds
                      wild turkeys

                      Something about life here:
                      They eat a food called poi.
                      They like to dance at feasts
                      They use natural resources to create costumes! (we are studying natural resources)

                      Do you think we are doing a good job with our research?
                      If so, let us know. Good luck!!!
                      BTW, we would like pictures and have fun. TTYL
                      Mrs. Alves’ class

  3. cdalves says:

    Hi Ernie,
    Above you will see our class. We are ready to start our game! So we have been doing alot of research and we have our list of clues now. Here they are:

    You will be traveling from Puerto Rico about 2,800 miles northwest.
    We suggest you travel by airplane/jet.
    The average weather in this location in November is:
    high is 50 degrees F
    low is 23 degree F
    Normally this place gets 9 inches of snow per year but Mrs. Alves just saw the weather report and they are having snow right now where you are going!
    So you need boots, coat, hat, gloves, and other warm clothes.
    Animals that you might see are :
    Sandhill Cranes
    Bighorn Sheep
    Gila Monster( by the way, Isabel went home and decided to do further research about this animal and we will post it on this page)
    And………be on the lookout for BEARS

    Most importantly is the community you are going to be in. This community has been there for 100’s of years. They may not speak English. We suggest you stop at a nearby trading post to get information on how to travel. But here are some things we discovered:
    Animals roam freely here, no fences. Be careful if you are driving
    Do not dig or go on property without permission.
    You may not see big buildings but you may see hogans. Do you know what they are?
    And, most most importantly, do NOT look people in the eyes when you are talking to them. They consider it rude. And only a light handshake will be accepted.

    Good luck and let us know when you begin your travels!! Mrs. Alves’ class
    P.S. Don’t forget to look at Isabel’s research. It will be posted right under our class picture

  4. Ernie says:

    Hi Boys and Girls!
    I am so glad you want to play some Hide and go Seek. Thanks for asking such good questions. Asking questions is very important. It’s the best way you learn.

    I call Puerto Rico my home because it’s where I was born and where most of my family lives. However, I’ve lived in many places such as Spain, Germany, and of course the United States of America. I spent many years in Virginia where you all live. My brother lives in Virginia so I spend a lot of time there as well. Do you know t the state bird and the state tree for Virginia? These are my favorite birds and trees.

    I LOVE to play games. It’s the best part of my day. I love to exercise by running a lot. I play all sorts of games but am most excited with hide and go seek. What kind of games do you all like to play?

    As I said earlier, I was born in Puerto Rico and my mom and dad are from there as well. Well…actually my dad was born in Italy and I have also been there as well.

    I have a dog. She is a Beagle Hound mix and is the best dog in the world. She is very friendly and doesn’t bark very much. She loves to be rubbed and petted. She will always flop right in front of you wanting to have a rub. She will lick you forever….maybe she thinks I’m a lolly pop 🙂 Here name is Chrissie which I don’t really like but it’s the name she had when we rescued her from the shelter. Below is a picture of her.

    I do eat a lot of fruit. In fact, it’s my favorite type of food. I could eat fruit all day. My favorites are bananas and golden delicious apples.

    Well I hope this tell you a little about me. I can’t wait to see a picture of you all and find out more about you as well. Take care.


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