It was fantastic meeting all of you. You are a fun group of smart 2nd graders (almost :-)) Thanks for letting me be part of your education this past year. Good luck to all of you and don’t forget to travel this summer. It’s the best way to learn. Good luck to you Mrs. Alves. Hope you enjoy each and every day of your retirement. For the last time….this is Ernie….Signing off….. until we meet again.

What a fun ride! Thoughts from the class:

It’s been nice blogging with you.  Thank you for all you do for us while you are undercover. Thank  you for sharing all of the cool pictures. Thank you for the Iditarod! Thank you for following us during the year. It’s been a nice time doing this. Thank you for going to the places we gave you clues about. Thanks for capturing a picture of Felix!! Thank you for being so kind and we wish we could do it a couple more times.

 Ernie, we will be your assistants if you ever need back up!



Hi boys and girls. Well….it only took me 25 hours in the plane to make it to what I think my destination is, Australia!!! Is this right? I was just kidding when I asked if you are sending me half way around the world but here I am….halfway around the world.

Wow..what an incredible place. I arrived 3 days ago and I’ve been doing some cool exploring. I arrived in Sydney which I thought was the capital but found out the capital is Canberra. I have been to Ayers Rock which folks call Uluru. They say it’s in the centre of the island and it is HUGE! Notice I said Island. Did you know that Australia is an island continent?

My first stop after a short ride had to be Sydney Opera House. I think this may be the most known landmark in Australia. They do lots of cool shows. I just toured the area but maybe I’ll catch a show.

Australia is a commonwealth and is occupied also by Great Britain. It was first occupied by aborigines thousands of years ago. It has a lot of deserts. Did you all know these deserts are called outbacks? I almost bought an Outback car by Subaru and I love to eat at the restaurant called Outback 🙂 ha,ha. I haven’t seen the world’s largest crocodile, deadliest spider, or koala bear yet but will stay away from all of them except the koala bear. I want to see that. I have seen kangaroos….on a golf course!

The weather is CRAZY here. I brought short sleeve shirts and can wear them right now but I have goose bumps. Did you know you sent me back to winter time? Yup, June is about the time of winter season. It’s in the mid 50’s right now but Australia is pretty big and it snows in places and rains a lot in places. When it is December and January where you are, here in Australia it’s actually super hot in summer for Australia. Good thing I brought some warmer clothes also.

What else have you found about Australia? I’ll be here for another several days before traveling another 25 hours to Virginia. I’’m going to visit my brother. So long for now. Hope to hear from you.

Yippee!! This is perfect timing. I just got a couple of weeks off and was looking for a place to go. 9,437 miles aways… you taking me halfway around the world or what?? I definitely will be taking a plane. I’ll be packing, book a flight, and head out in a couple of days hopefully. I guess I need to research tonight and figure out where to get my ticket. I’ll need to get back before June 13th so I’ll try to head out soon. Thanks so much everybody! This will be fun.


We are finally back up and running with our research! We have one more place we want you to figure out. We are currently reading a chapter book and the setting in this book is where we are sending you. Here goes:


Olivia B says from the U.S. to there is 9437 miles southwest. You should travel by airplane.

Emelly says the climate is mostly desert and some rainforests.

Fun things to do:

Lorenzo says there is surfing and sailing.

Violet there is a national park that is great for snorkeling and diving.


Ashton says they eat meat pies and like coffee.

Sabit says they love to eat oysters.

Emma Katrine says there is alot of seafood and they like lemonade and ginger beer.


Dashawn says one of their animals eat eucalyptus leaves.

Ben says that one animal carries their babies in a pouch.

They have the world’s largest crocodile that can be up to 22 ft.

Landon says they have  poisonous snakes.

Scottie says they have the world’s deadliest spiders.


Jack says their are Indian-like people and they play a very long horn.

Saadiq says they celebrate Anzac day which is like our Memorial Day.

Isaac says they have the world’s biggest Christmas parade.





Hello my long lost friends. I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’m not sure if Mrs. Alves or my brother told you that I work for the government. I was called for a project while in Alaska so had to leave before the race was over. So to answer your question, I did not get to see the end of the race. I had a blast while I was there. It turned super cold after I last wrote to you. Depending on where you were in Alaska, there was different amounts of snow on the ground. Believe me, there was plenty! Zion, from the parts I saw, the race was awesome. The Seavey’s are a class act and I’m not surprised they finished first and second. All the racers are class acts and returning the book proved how all of them follow a code of respect and kindness. I didn’t get to see the finish line but they were prepared well ahead of time and it looked like they would have a huge party filled with food and fun….and probably prizes. The dogs are treated extremely well. They have doctors to look at them throughout the race. The drivers treat them like their kids and the fans adore them. I didn’t really buy anything but looked at a ton of cool stuff. I also didn’t get any autographs. I was too busy watching and speaking to the locals. They all have great stories. I’m proud of all of you for researching and keeping up with the race. In my opinion, they are all champions and they were all treated like champions throughout the race.

I’ve been working hard on some government projects but just got off a couple days ago. I’m not in a cold region anymore. I’m actually in Hawaii enjoying some time off again. I have to get back to work soon but not for too long. Maybe we have time for another spot? Anyhow, Aloha to all of you. Talk with you soon.

Hey there Ernie,

Thanks for the pics! We’ve been closely following the race each day. Scott wants to know how cold it is? Were you at the finish line when Mitch Seavey arrived?

Zion wants to know was the race awesome? Dallas Seavey lost his vet book at a checkpoint. Nicolas Petit was nice enough to find it and return it to Dallas at the finish line. Otherwise, he could not have placed second. What did  they have at the finish line? Were there prizes and food? Where do the dogs go? How much money did Mitch get? Has it been too long in Alaska, Ernie? Are you ready to go to another place? Maybe warmer? Did you buy any animal furs? We saw they were selling them in a picture. Did you get an autograph of the finishers? Did you get to see the winning dogs with the flowers around their necks? Did you get your picture taken with Mitch Seavey by any chance? How many inches of snow did they get while you were there and are you still there?How cold is it in Nome?  About how many people were there to watch the race?

Enough questions? Can’t wait to hear from you.

Alves’ Aces Out


Hello from Alaska! Well, sorry it’s been a few days. Remember I told you that the weather was mild and not so bad….well..that lasted like a few hours…it’s gotten super cold! The day after I wrote we got lots of snow. There’s been a change in course but the event is festive and exciting. The race got off to a great start and there has been some lead changes. Dallas isn’t far off at all. He is racing great from all reports I hear. Mitch is right close behind him. Wow, 11 votes for Jeff King! He’s in 19th place I believe but things change fast around here. Weather, trails, sick dogs. You just never know what’s going to happen. I guess that’s what makes this race so exciting. Keep monitoring the race. I hope your favorite racer wins. Check out some pictures

Hi Ernie!  We got your pictures. We know that animal is a caribou and that it is white to blend in with the snow.   We have been checking mushers and their websites and we took a class vote. These are the votes for favorite musher:

  1. Dallas Seavey     4 votes
  2. Mitch Seavey(his father) 1 vote
  3. Dee Dee    4 votes
  4. Martin Buser 1 vote
  5. Berringer Twins 3 votes
  6. Jeff King 11 votes

Please us know what you find out on Saturday!! We will be checking over the weekend.






Hi Boys and girls! I had a change of plans and arrived in Anchorage early today. I was a little surprised with the weather. It was warmer than I thought. Don’t get me wrong, it is still cold but just over freezing. Do you know what that would be? Tonight it’s going to get colder and freeze up. that’s good news for the racers. Who are you all rooting for in the great race? Folks are so nice around here and really excited. I was out exploring a little and got closer to the mountains so saw a lot more snow. I also saw some dogs practicing. That was cool but not as cool as seeing some wildlife. Do you know what animal this is and why some of it’s fur is white? CLICK THIS LINK to see a few pictures. I sent them to my brother Alfonso and he said he will place them in his Google photos because the blog is running out of space for pictures. I’m not sure what he’s talking about but I’ll trust him 🙂 Talk with you all soon and keep your eye on the race.

WOW!! So excited. We have this special Greenwood21 Techshare on Thursday. We will be sharing our research project. If you get a chance, could you post a picture of Anchorage??


Yee Haw! It must be getting close to the first Saturday in March. I’ve been waiting for this part. I went ahead and booked a flight and should arrive in Anchorage on Thursday and ready to watch the start on Saturday. Talk with you all soon.


We have a special request. As you know, my class enjoys watching the Iditarod Race each year. If you have enough time, could you possibly  make it up to the Race this year? You know it’s very soon! Less than a week. We are learning all about the life on the trail and learning about some of the mushers. We were hoping you could get some pictures for us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Alves’ Aces



Hi boys and girls. Whew…I’ve spent the past week and a half in one of the most beautiful places ever, Scotland! Was this the right place? With all of your great clues, that’s where I ended up. If it was the wrong place, I’m really glad I visited anyhow.

Thanks Ashton, Sabit, and Gehveer for the directions. It was a long flight but worth it. I took a picture from my plane as we were about to land.

Heidi, Landon, and Ben, Thanks for the ideas of where to visit. I had a blast at the Highland games and there were tons. It reminded me of field day but much harder events. They carried huge stones, and heavy poles. They even had tug-of-war! I screamed loud for the teams. The Royal Military Tatoo was awesome! The music was fabulous and costumes were beautiful. I tried playing a bagpipe. It’s much harder than it looks. I barely got a sound out of it.

Isaac, Jack and Saadiq, thanks for the ideas to see the land. I found some folks taking a pony trek. I just stayed on my feet and enjoyed long hikes. Nolan, Emelly, and Nam, I didn’t see a golden eagle but they had some other cool animals. I found the Lochness Monster! Just kidding, it was just a statue. I looked hard but didn’t see it. The Royal Botanic Gardens were beautiful and very large. Maybe one day some of you all will take a trip to Scotland. It is definitely worth it.

Josiah, Jade, and Hunter, the food was good but I still prefer my Spanish food. I guess you just have to get used to it. When you mentioned black pudding I was very excited because I thought it was like Jello pudding. It is much different J

Thanks for sending me to Scotland. I’m back at work but just let me know when you are ready to send me somewhere else. I’m always happy to trek new places. Enjoy my pictures. Sorry if they aren’t that good. I’m taking selfies and it gets tough sometimes.

Take care everyone!


Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 4.09.41 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 4.13.07 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 4.17.05 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 4.20.07 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 4.25.22 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.47.40 PM
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 10.16.26 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 10.17.00 AM

Hmmm? Okay, thanks for the informative clues. I will give it some thought but I’m thinking I should start packing for an awesome time. I’m guessing Scotland so I better be getting my flight ready. I’ll let you know if I can find the spots you sent pictures. This is going to be an incredible trip.

OK ERNIE! WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU TO FIGURE OUT!!!!! We researched hard this week. Here are our clues for you.

This country is made of 700 islands:


Ashton: The air travel distance is 3558 miles.

Sabit: The climate is temperate and oceanic.

Gehveer: You have to travel east to get to this place.

We recommend a jet for travel.


Heidi: they play 60 Highland games across the sea.

Landon: The Royal Military Tatoo is a place you can go to listen to music.

Ben: They are known for playing bagpipes and wearing kilts.


Fun to Places to Go:

Isaac : People like to go hiking pony trekking and looking for seals.

Jack: You can go on the Lochness Monster cruise to look for Lochness Monster.

Saadiq: You can go to the Royal Botanic Gardens.



Nolan: The golden eagle lives in the high lands.

Emelly: Wild cats are most endangered animals in the world here.

Nam: Basking sharks can be spotted around the east and west coasts.



Josiah: They eat beef, lamb , mutton and venison but not pork.

Jade: They eat black pudding.

Hunter: Haggis is a savory pudding they eat here.

Here are some pictures:


Hello Ernie,

We are so excited about you seeing Felix. He already came to our room the week before we went on vacation. We enjoy your pictures. But now we have somewhere else we would like to see if you can figure out and visit.

Soon, we will do research and give you some clues and see if you can figure it out. Sound good? Keep on the look out for clues coming soon.

Alves class out.



Hola boys and girls!  I hope everyone had a super Holiday.  I apologize for not being able to blog to you before you went on break but that was the first day of festivities and I know you were all gone by then.   I had a most brilliant stay celebrating Las Posadas.  All the celebrating wore me out but it was worth it.  I was able to fly home and celebrate Christmas with my family and I’m now back to doing some work.

Guess what?  I think I met someone who knows Mrs. Alves on my flight home.  We were sitting together and we got talking about our trip and he says he travels around for a friend just like me.  His name is Felix.  Hopefully he will visit your room soon.

Let me know when you all get back to school and we can have some more fun.  In the meantime, her are some pictures of my time in Mexico and my new friend.  Talk with you soon.  Later Gators!

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 11.20.39 AM Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 11.11.45 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 9.54.48 AM Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 9.41.49 AM

Hi Ernie, We are studying holidays and are doing research on the ipads tomorrow. Today we learned a song that’s in Spanish and in English about Mary and Joseph. Check it out. It’s on YouTube. It is a good video. They are asking for shelter.  We see that there are huge pinatas.

Keep an eye out for Felix.He’s supposed  to come see us.

Hola de México chicos y chicas. Espero que todo este bien!   That’s spanish for hello from Mexico boys and girls.  Hope all is well.

Way to go super sleuths. I’m glad you found me.  I had a great flight and arrived a couple days ago to Guadalupe. I’ve had a good time so far.  There are some decorations up and I can sense the folks here are ready to celebrate Las Posadas.  There always seems to be dancing going on around the streets at night.  I’ll send more pics but enjoy the ones I’m sending now.  Keep researching and let me know what you discover.

Oh BTW,  I haven’t seen Felix yet but I’ll keep a close eye out for him.  He sounds like fun.  Maybe I’ll see him at one of the street parties.  Take care everyone.  Blog with you soon.



Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 11.07.31 AM This is me from the plane.Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 11.41.28 AM Me at the airportScreen Shot 2016-12-12 at 11.23.01 AM Loving the decorations!!

Hi Ernie!  We really enjoyed the Nearpod activity. Zion really liked the video of the dancing. Hunter enjoyed drawing a picture of a good. Landon  liked the carvings. Nolan liked the part where a service  is when you are allowed to touch a snake.

RESEARCH: We have discovered that you are going to Mexico!! We  then researched Mexican holidays at this time of the year and found out about Las Posados! Can’t wait for some pictures Ernie! We are going to learn about traditions next week when we do Winter Holidays next week. We will give you clues next week about a holiday and see if you can guess what it is! Please let us know when you get to Mexico. Hey, btw, Mrs. Alves has a special friend that she met on her travels to Mexico. His name is Felix and he’s a stuffed animal that can travel by himself!! I wonder if you might see him in the airport….check it out.

Hi Mrs. Alves’ Class!,

     I hope you all enjoyed a great Thanksgiving.  Great job researching the Powhatan Indians.  Hunter, they did make rakes from deer antlers and many other tools for gardening.  There was lots of crafts here just like Olivia, and Landon said.  Ben, although they killed animals for food, they used each part like Jack said and gave thanks to the animals and really respected animals.  Pocahontas was a Powhatan but I didn’t see her. I did see the movie…which wasn’t all correct information was it.   I went to Richmond (that’s the capitol of Virginia…but I know you all know that) to see the Mattaponi and Pamunkey tribes present a couple of deer to forgive their tax debt.  That means they don’t have to pay the government taxes for that year.  It was cool to see.

The weather has been great lately.  I was expecting it to get colder but to be honest I do like warm weather.  I left a couple days after Thanksgiving to do some work out west in Colorado where it’s really cold.  Can you find Colorado on a map?   In early December I’m going to travel around 800 miles South to a Spanish country.  Do you know where I’m going?   I’m going to visit a place that celebrates Christmas just a little bit differently.  My brother and I are Spanish so we have some different traditions than other people.  Do you all know what a tradition is?  If you can find where I’m going and what a tradition is, maybe you can do some research on what I will be celebrating in just a couple of weeks?   I’ll be in touch with you soon but in the meantime, start researching and let me know what you find.  Take care.



Hi Ernie, We are the Alves’ Aces for 2016. We used google and found a great website The History of New Kent Va and found out that the Powhatan Indians, along with Pocahantas lived in New Kent. We found some awesome information.
Hunter said:They made rakes from deer antlers.
Olivia B said: When the kids got older, they learned to make stuff like pots.
Landon said: They used wood to make weapons.
Jack said: They used every part of the animals when they hunted.
Ben said: They killed animals for food.
Olivia S. said: THe women taught the girls to make pots and other stuff like that.
Caleb said: When the kids were young the moms raised them. ONce they were old enough the boys learned from their dads how to use weapons and hunt.
Violet said: John Smith was captured by the Powhatan Indians.
Emma Katrine said: They used rocks to make weapons.
Emily said: The women made pots.
Scottie said: John Smith was from England.
Cari said: They hunted squirrels and raccoons and other animals they could find.
Gehveer said: They used sticks to make houses.
Heidi Said : They were called long houses.
Kay said: They used clay for pots.

Because they lived so close, they have the same climate as we do.

Tell us about your picture of the dancing Indians. We don’t know what they are doing.
We are going to research some more next week. Mrs. Alves wants to research the governor gift. Have they already done that?
Talk to you soon Ernie!
Alves out.

Hi Mrs. Alves, it’s me Ernie! Thanks for getting back to me through email and meeting with my twin brother, Alfonso. He tells me you have an awesome class this year (every year seems to be awesome with you) and you wanted to have some hide and go seek fun. I’m always up for some fun so let’s get started.

I’m going to mix some business (I’m still doing government work) and fun to go different places. Some places will be hot, some mild, and some cold. Do your students know the term which we call weather conditions? If you have questions from your students or yourself just let me know.

I will try to take pictures for clues or just to show you places I go. I’ll try to take selfies since I don’t have anyone to take pictures for me (and I like selfies). I’ll try to keep my head out of the pictures as much as possible so you can see the surroundings.

I’ll keep in contact with Alfonso as well and he gave me the name of your technology person, Mrs. Hues. I’ll contact her if I need something as well. He said she is pretty smart! I’m hoping she can help you with researching and plotting where I have been and will be going.

I am already at my first destination visiting with a sibling. Students, do you know what a sibling is? Which sibling do you think I would be visiting who lives close to a place named New Kent County? I went to New Kent to visit an indian tribe. You see, it’s almost Thanksgiving and this tribe always offers the Governor of Virginia a turkey or deer, sometimes pottery or fish. It is part of a treaty signed in the past. The past means a long time ago. They still do this now in the present day. Maybe you can research about this tribe and indian group then let me know more about them. Can you tell me the name of this tribe and indian group?  can you find where I am on a map? Here are some selfies I took on the reservation. Can you find out what an indian reservation is? Whew!  you will be busy researching but I know you can do it.  I’ll be taking off to my new spot soon and will send you new clues. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.


mattoponi 1.001

mattoponi 2.001

mattoponi 3.001


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