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Spinnin ‘the Disk TeihYanna Thomas DJ’s at a local school event to promote her business. She plays all types of music, but mainly Hip-Hop and R&B


DJ TeihYanna’s buisness is sky-rocketing as she DJs for school events and the Henrico community

Varina High School is home to all types of entrepreneurs. One that has recently graced the Varina scene a DJ is Junior TeihYanna Thomas. TeihYanna has been DJing for almost a year now. She said that she would describe her DJing style as random and because you never know what she’s going to play, whether it’s Hip Hop, R&B, or even country.

“I never wanted to be a DJ, nor did I see myself being one,” TeihYanna said. “What really made me start DJing is that I have a very driven father who wants his daughter to as successful as can be.”

TeihYanna said she felt both excited and nervous about playing at homecoming.  “I’ve DJed a lot of parties and events, but this is my actual school, I’m going to be among all my peers so it’s going to be a little different and the pressure is really on,” TeihYanna said.

TeihYanna said playing at homecoming will feel as nerve wrecking as any other booking, considering that she will be around a lot of people that she doesn’t usually talk to during school. TeihYanna also DJed at the Varina Community Day and she said, “The crowd was really enjoying the music and I was playing a little bit of something for everyone.”

TeihYanna’s girlfriend, Diamond Lockette, said that she is proud of TeihYanna and she can’t wait to see what the future brings.

TeihYanna has worked a number of Varina events such as the 2017 prom, academic and fall sports pep rallies, and  the 2017 homecoming.

“I just hope for my DJ business to flourish and I think that it is really cool that Varina High School continues to support me and my business,” TeihYanna said. For more information, you can contact TeihYanna at (804) 646-4768.

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