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In November Varina participated for the second year in Virginia College Application Week. It is fall, and now that it is fall seniors have been paying more attention to college registration dates. With all the college talk that’s going around on campus, students were eager to take advantage of that very special week.

Virginia College Application Week lasted from November 13th until November 17th. During that week, colleges gave Virginia seniors fee waiver so students can apply with no registration fee.

Undecided and decided students were encouraged to participate in this event because there were many things offered that caught the seniors attention such as information on financial aid, scholarship programs, and on-sight admissions.  Virginia Union University, Radford University, Norfolk State University, and Ferrum College all visited Varina and offered on-site admission.

Varina counselors have worked hard this year to help students prepare for college and this was one of the biggest events. Director of school counseling, Christina Naumann says that during this week she wished all seniors would apply to at least one college for free or attend an on-site admission visit.

During Virginia Application Week couselors offered a lot of their time in the library helping students apply to colleges and answering questions they have. 886 applications were submitted and 80 students were accepted during on site admissions.

2017 graduate, VCU student Destiny Pitts says that she participated in Virginia College Application week in the fall of 2016 and it helped her get into VCU. Destiny also said this really helps students understand the financial part of college.

“I applied to over six school for free with the help of Varina, and even when I felt overwhelmed I felt accomplished at the same time” Destiny said.

Current senior Lenaisa Mitchell said that she was very excited for college application week because she got accepted to Virginia Union, Radford, and Norfolk State. “I went in there really nervous, but I left out happy as ever with those acceptance papers in my hands,” she said.

Lenaisa also said without the extra help she recieved from the counselors she probably would been stressed.

Senior Deja Cotman got accepted to Radford university, which was her dream school.

“I was overcome with joy and excitement. Im beyond proud to be a Highlander. I seriously cant wait to spend the next four years of my life there.” said Deja.    

School Counselors pose for a group picture during college application week

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