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SOL Podcasts: Best Friends

Listen to the podcasts and leave a comment for a chance to win a prize.

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SOL Commercial: Best Friends

Find out what your calculator can do for you in this commercial that proves that friendship is all about the numbers.

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Travel enriches students, staff

By Arayana Harris and Emily Carter A great appeal of summer is the opportunity to get away. Whether it’s to a beach in Brazil or the mountains in Switzerland, travel offers a chance to relax and explore new cultures. It’s almost impossible not to learn something new while traveling. Several teachers and students have already …

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Column: Henrico County eliminates interims

During my years in the Henrico County school system, I have always heard teachers, students and parents stress over interim reports. And why exactly? I have never understood it.

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Swim Club makes splash

There is something most students don’t know about our school: it has a Swim Club.

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