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Editorial: Evans family BENefit

Principal’s secretary Traci Evans has supported Varina for more than a decade. Now the Varina community is supporting her and her family as her five-year-old son Ben battles cancer. In May, business teacher Dwanda Hicks, planned BENefit, a fish fry to raise funds for Ben’s medical expenses. Principal Tracie Omohundro came up with the slogan …

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Editorial: Online classes

 In April 2006, Michigan became the first state to make online learning a requirement for high school graduation. Now 48 states offer supplemental or full-time online learning opportunities. Beginning with the class of 2013-2014, all Virginia students will be required by law to take at least one online class before they graduate.  The new law …

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Editorial: Social networking

In Henrico County, the Code of Student Conduct specifies expectations for behavior and punishments for misbehavior, but the code needs improvement in the responsible use of technology. The only things covered by the code are the proper use of a school-loaned laptop and cyber bullying.  More specific rules about social networking and other technology-related issues …

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Column: Say hello to real world

by Jordan Hanford So long to hall passes, school lunches and parent supervision. Goodbye high school. Say hi to making a schedule, cooking meals and paying for college.            Seniors count down the days until graduation when they walk across the stage into a new realm of responsibilities.            The notions of freedom and independence …

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Column: ‘Bromances’ live on

by Danielle Childress One of the senior superlatives is cutest couple, and every year, the class wonders if the couple will stay together through college or work or long distances. But what about the bromances? We all know ‘em. The boys of a bromantic relationship are best friends who are always together, speaking a language …

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