anatomythumb2Anatomy of a Blog

Although there are endless possibilities for customizing your blog to your liking, each blog contains a set of common elements. Each blog designer will want to customize the elements described below in order to suit your purposes and preferences. Use the information below to learn about the major components of a blog as it appears to your audience of blog users.

Header –  an area commonly used to display the title and subtitle of your blog and is the first thing people see on a blog. Often an image can be used as the background of the header area. It is recommended that fine resolution, high-quality images be used. Customize your header by selecting Dashboard> Appearance> Customize or under the specific options for your chosen theme.

Body – the main area of a blog, commonly used to display the content of your blog, including text and multimedia. This is where your pages and posts appear. See pages and posts for more information.

Sidebar(s) – vertical column(s) where items not included in the body are commonly displayed. Sidebars tend to include frequently used items including links, blog subscription tools, calendars, archive material, widgets, logos, and mission statements. Customize the sidebar via Dashboard> Appearance> Widgets.

Footer – the bottom section of a blog which is commonly used to display frequently used items, such as links, logos and mission statements. The footer can be customized via the dashboard by selecting Appearance> Widgets.