About Me

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am the school counselor at Maude Trevvett Elementary School in Henrico, Virginia and a National Certified Counselor. Read on if you would like to know a bit more about me.

I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and went to college at The College of William & Mary, where I majored in theatre. I graduated with no clue of what to do with my life. I spent the next couple of years in New York City auditioning, waitressing, and searching for a career that would suit my talents and temperament. I somehow stumbled upon school counseling and knew it was a perfect fit. I always enjoyed working with children and helping them to the best of my abilities. I knew I could use the skills I picked up as a waitress – patience, interpersonal skills, and acceptance of all types of people–to connect with students and their parents. My theatrical background gave me the ability to think on my feet, be creative, and read emotion and body language well… skills I knew would lend to being an effective counselor.

I was accepted to The University of Virginia for graduate school and completed my degree in 2013. I then spent three wonderful years working as an elementary school counselor in Richmond City.

Flash forward to the present – this is my second year as the school counselor at Trevvett!  I am compassionate, creative, patient, fun, and children find me relatable and trustworthy. School should be a place where children feel free to be themselves, where they are cared for, protected, and know they are not alone. I head off to work each day as a school counselor with open ears and arms, anxious to listen, talk, and comfort students of all ages and backgrounds.

I love sharing my passion for theatre and music with my students. I use my performing arts background in my lessons and individually with students in the form of improvisational games, team-building exercises, puppetry, singing, and story-telling. I have also directed and written shows for children, acted as a drama specialist at a day camp, and ran drama clubs at multiple schools. I presented about how to use drama techniques in classroom lessons at the Virginia School Counselor Association Conference in 2016.

My husband and I live in Richmond with our beautiful baby boy, Lucas, and our lovable pup, Benji.