Happy Fall!

There are lots of exciting things going on in the

Harvie School Counseling Department

this Fall!

Our character words of the month for Fall are:

September: Fairness  (Habit 4: Think Win-Win)

October: Respect  (Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood)

November: Self-Discipline   (Habit 2: Put First Things First)


Students will be participating in:

Red Ribbon Week October 23-31

Mix It up Day October 31

College and Career Week Nov 6-Nov 10


Students will receive lessons on:

Conflict Resolution

Mindfulness and Self-Control

Work Habits, Organization, Focus


Tier 2 Support Small Group Counseling:

Skillstreaming Social Skills

(students identified by 16-17 discipline data)


Grief and Loss

(students identified by parents)


Self-Control Patrol

(students identified by report card work habits and conduct grades)


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Soaring to New Heights at Harvie with School Counseling!!!

Welcome back, Heroes!

Your School Counselors, Ms. Hicks and Mrs. Welch, are so excited to be back and soar to new heights with you this year!


For the 2017-2018 School Year,

Ms. Hicks will be working with grades K, 4, and 5

Mrs. Welch will be working with grades 1, 2, 3


However, both of us serve the entire school and love getting to know our students.

Below is a bit of information to start our year off right!

Our Character Words For The Year

September: Fairness  (Think Win-Win)

October: Respect  (Think Win-Win)

November: Self-Discipline  (Be Proactive)

December: Responsibility  (Put First Things First)

January: Empathy  (Seek To Understand)

February: Compassion (Seek To Understand)

March: Cooperation (Synergize)

April: Perseverance (Begin With The End In Mind)

May: Honesty (Be Proactive)

June: Citizenship (Sharpen The Saw)

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This month our K-2 Heroes are learning about compassion. Compassion is a synonym for caring.

Being a good leader is about conducting yourself in a kind and compassionate way.

Habit 5: seek first to understand, then to be understood. 



Kindergartners are reading “Moody Cow Meditates” to learn how to compassionately handle anger. In the book, Peter “Moody Cow” has a terrible day and keeps getting madder and madder, getting himself into more and more trouble. His grandfather comes for a visit and teachers him how to use a “mind jar” (a jar of water) and add angry fairy dust sparkles (glitter) for each angry thought he has. Then they shake up the jar and sit quietly and calmly, breathing deeply and watching the glitter settle down as their angry thoughts settle down too. The students practices making their own mind jar and each put in a shake of glitter for their angry thought. Then we practiced mindfulness as a class to let the angry thoughts melt away. They were encouraged to try this at home as well!



1st and 2nd graders are reading “I Can’t Believe You Said That!” In the book, RJ has a tough time filtering his thoughts and he keeps getting in trouble for what he says. But, when he learns how to use his social filter he starts to figure out how to be more compassionate towards others. Just because a negative thought comes into your head about someone or something (your thinking bubble), it doesn’t have to come out of your mouth (your talking bubble) if you use your social filter! We all saw what happened when we wrote negative thoughts on a coffee filter and then washed them away in water – you can do the same in your brain! Then we practiced 3 scenarios of thinking bubbles and talking bubbles and each made up one of our own.


Be a leader with your behavior!

Be compassionate towards others and you will attract the same towards yourself! 



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Career Day is coming up!

Calling all HERO families!



We are currently searching for amazing men and women to come and present at our Career Fair 2016.

Please check your child’s folder for a flyer that you can complete and send back in if you wish to participate in this awesome day with our little heroes. If your child does not have a flyer, there are plenty available in the main office with the dates, times, and other important information on them.

We are looking for all types of careers to show our future leaders what the world of work holds for them.

Come inspire a child! 

please contact me with any questions at bcwelch@henrico.k12.va.us


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February is for EMPATHY!



In January we celebrate Kindness and we continue it into February with Empathy!




If you are being Kind you are…

  • not bullying
  • not teasing
  • not being hurtful

If you are being KIND you are being a leader!

“Always be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle”. ― J.M. Barrie.


February Lessons: 


In Kindergarten and First grade we are watching Dr. Seuss’ “The Sneetches”. Do you have stars upon thars? Kindergartners then color a personal rainbow of the colors that make up their beautiful selves while first grades give paper stars to one another explaining why they chose that friend for their star and what they like most about them.



Second graders got to play “Walk The Line” to see how we are alike and how we are different. Then we completed interest inventories and facts about ourselves to compare with our tablemates. Can we be friends with people even if they are different from us? YES WE CAN! Being different is what makes us interesting! If we were all the same we’d be SO boring!

How does your different make you wonderful? 

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Happy November, Hero Leaders!

The word of the month for November is:



There are lots of ways that we can use self-discipline in school:

  • making good choices even when others around us are not
  • putting first things first to get work done and then play
  • be a great listener : Stop, Look, Hear, Think.
  • be a good sport even if you are frustrated in a game



Lessons this month focus on the character trait of self-discipline:


Kindergarten: We will read the famous fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare” and then practice slowing down and taking our time when completing our work. Then we will learn a new yoga move to focus our brains!


1st Grade: We will hear a youtube reading of “Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen” and then do an activity to discuss the 4 steps to being a good listener. We’ll then hear and dance to  a Listening song and play Simon Says to see who can use the 4 steps best! 


2nd Grade: We will watch a video about being a good sport in and out of the classroom. Then we will play Bop It to challenge those listening skills and good sportsmanship. We’ll end with a cartoon about homework to see who can pick out the problems and define what makes a homework environment that sets us up for success!



November 2-6

Check out the following activities happening around school:

  • College wall – where did your teachers go to college?
  • College shirt day on Friday
  • College essay contest (see Ms. Hicks for details)


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October is for RESPECT!

Happy October, Hero Leaders! 


There is so much that we celebrate in the School Counseling Department in October:

  • Red Ribbon Week (celebrating making healthy choices for our bodies from October 23-31)

  • Mix It Up Day (celebrating accepting others and making new friends on October 27th!)

  • Anti-Bullying Month (we celebrate with wearing orange to Say BOO to bullying on October 21st!)

These are all great events and so important in instilling great character values in our Heroes!

In Kindergarten lessons this month, we are talking about RESPECTING our bodies and making healthy choices with what we eat, how we keep ourselves clean, exercise, and even sleep! We are watching an awesome Sid the Science Kid episode that talks about just that!

Sid The Science Kid Episode “Sid’s Health Day”

Did you know the average elementary school age child needs 10 hours of sleep a night for proper development?

Are you getting enough..? 


In first grade lessons this month, we also focused on RESPECTING ourselves and others. are taking some great data about what each class knows about how to make healthy choices for our: bodies, minds, hearts, and futures! We will graph our answers and display them outside Mrs. Welch’s office at the end of the month! We also watched a short video clip about good choices and then practiced some mindfulness and yoga on GoNoodle to maintain healthy bodies and minds!

Star of the Show Yoga!


In second grade lessons this month, we are talking about RESPECTING others and making great choices for our bodies to stay healthy! We watched a great clip about kindness and including others even when they are different, and then we practiced some GoNoodle mindfulness of our own. A healthy child is about forming the whole child – mind, body, and heart. Heroes lead the way in all 3! My challenge to our students was to ask themselves 2 questions every night:

  1. Who was I kind to today?

  2. Who can I be kind to tomorrow?


USA Today story about Kindness

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Welcome back, Hero Leaders!



Mrs. Welch’s




* click to see Mrs. Welch’s avatar welcome you to a new school year!

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Summer Fun in RVA


Harvie Heroes – as the school year draws to a close, we hope you have lots of fun things planned for your summer. Don’t forget about all of the great learning opportunities that can also be had outside of the classroom! Check out some of these below. Have an awesome summer – I will miss you!

-Mrs. Welch


Summer in RVA


Events Calendar with all things fun to do in the summer with kids  click here for events

Deals and Discounts in RVA for summer  click here for deals

Family Fun activities (attractions, gardens, museums, history, etc.) click here for ideas


HCPS Summer Academy (instruction) 

  • 2015 Summer Academy
  • Summer Academy Newspaper

    No Friday Classes

    ENRICHMENT CLASSES: Session One – July 13 – July 23, 2015   Session Two – July 27 – August 6, 2015. 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday only.


Henrico Parks and Playgrounds FREE!

Summer Blast and Teen Scene (Henrico Library) FREE!

  • To register for a camp, participants must have completed grades K-4 or 5-7 last school year. Camps will run one full week in seven sessions from June 22 – August 6. Participants are asked to only register for one location per session, per participant. To view participating locations, click here
  • To register online, click here

Henrico Parks and Rec: http://henrico.us/rec/summer-camps/


Community Activities

  • Community Activities Booklet   Henrico County Public Schools provides information about extracurricular and after-school activities available to students in Henrico County. Announcements and advertisements are provided by non-profit organizations outside the school system and are to further community awareness for the convenience of students and their families.
  • Activities described therein are not endorsed, recommended, or approved by Henrico County Public Schools. Henrico County Public Schools assumes no liability or responsibility for any content errors or omissions and/or the use or misuse of information included in this publication.
  • For more information, please call 804-652-3726


Henrico PAL (Police Athletic League)

  • The Seventh Annual Henrico PAL Summer Camp is designed to provide Henrico County’s youth with a safe environment, while participating in a wide variety of educational, athletic, and recreational activities. Participants will engage in a soccer and basketball clinic, baseball and softball clinic, weekly roller-skating, bowling, flag football, educational museum tours, Washington Mystics Basketball Game, Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball Game and much more. The Henrico Summer Camp will also conduct field trips every Thursday to: King’s Dominion, Hadad’s Lake, Cobblestone, Pocahontas State Park, Lake Anna Park, Yorktown Beach, Nauticus/Battleship Wisconsin and Water Country USA. The Henrico PAL Summer Camp encourages its participants to broaden their horizons, and focuses on developing positive relationships between police officers and youths while engaging in enriching experiences. 2015 Summer Camp Announcement.docx


Children’s Museum (CMoR)

  • Romp n’ Roll Summer Camp at the Children’s Museum of Richmond is a combination of music, movement, art, science, sports, and more all geared towards the littlest of campers, age two through five. For more information click here
  • Bricks 4 Kidz to offer LEGO based summer camps ranging in topics from Minecraft to Pokemon, and even a girls only camp! Click here for more information on Bricks 4 Kidz summer camps at the Children’s Museum of Richmond!
  • Play Well TEKnologies and channel your inner engineer during their summer camps hosted at the Children’s Museum of Richmond Central and Fredericksburg locations! Camps for ages 5-7 and 7-12. Interested in more information of Play Well TEKnologies summer camps at CMoR? Click here!
  • And introducing our newest summer camp partnership with Smart Solutions Tutoring! Join Smart Solutions Tutoring for Hands-on Spanish Summer Camps geared toward rising 3rd to 5th graders.  Click here to learn more!
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News you can use from HCPS Parent Resource center!



HCPS Parent Resource Center (PRC) Sponsored Workshops:
Monday, May 18, 2015 6:30-8:00 pm “What Keeps You Up at Night: Financial Planning for Your Loved One with Special Needs” Visit

The Henrico County Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Meeting
May 26th, 6:30-8:00pm at Brookland Middle School. Nyah Hamlet will speak on Resources in Henrico Behavior Support. All parents are welcome to attend.
The SEAC committee is looking for new members! For more information about SEAC, please visit HCPS :: Special Education Advisory Committee.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Parents, children, friends, professionals and advocates of children with hearing loss are welcome to join us for our next event on May 16, 2015. Sign language learning sessions, games, free food, and prizes are included!
Date: Saturday, May 16, 2015
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Location: Hope Church
12445 Patterson Avenue
Richmond, VA 23238
This event is free to the community, however pre-registration is required. To pre-register or for more information contact Emmett Jones, Ph.D. at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Counseling Services, 1503 Santa Rosa Road, Suite 211, Richmond, VA 23229.
Phone: (804) 282-1943 (Voice) or (804) 282-1944 (TTY)
Email address: PCAPROGRAM@gmail.com
Sponsored by a grant from the Medarva Foundation Fund

Parent’s Dyslexia Resource Group
Meetings held at Chester United Methodist Church
12132 Percival Street • Chester, VA 23831
Typically 7:00 pm on the 1st Thursday of the month
For more information call: 397-9131 or 536-5800
Or email: rhodell7@gmail.com or 4hornbergers@comcast.net

Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond (DSAGR)
Monthly DSAGR meetings are generally the 3rd Friday of each month. For more info, please visit www.dsagr.com.
Also, check out the website for information on social groups for kids of all ages and there’s even one for D.A.D.S.!

Mental Health
Every other Wednesday, 5:30-7:30pm -A group for teens, ages 12-18
HopeVoice! For youth who have experience with a mental health condition, personally or through a family member, to socialize and stay connected. For more information, contact Amanda Long at along@namivirginia.org or call 804-285-8264 x211.

The Autism Society of Central Virginia:
Autism Society Central Virginia 5K Walk/Run
Date: 5/23/2015
There are many other upcoming events, social activities, and fun benefits planned. For a list of all upcoming events, go to: http://ascv.org/meetings-events/
For more information, visit www.ascv.org.

Jumpology Special Needs Night
Every first Tuesday of every month from 5pm-7pm
Jumpology holds a jump time especially for our jumpers with special needs. Jumpers with special needs jump for $8. One caretaker jumps free with each special needs ticket purchase. Call 804.625.4290 to book.


Traumatic Brain Injury
The Brain Injury Association of Virginia hosts:
“Sports Concussions, What You Need to Know”
Join us for a webinar on May 13, 2015 at 1:00 PM EDT.
Register here:
Presented by: Donna K. Broshek, Ph.D. Co- Director, Brain Injury & Sports Concussion Institute, University of Virginia Dr. Shane Caswell Professor, Co-Director, Sports Medicine Assessment Research and Testing (S.M.A.R.T.) Laboratory George Mason University Dr. Howard Goodkin University of Virginia Pediatric Neurologist/BISC


Institute Area TBI Support Groups:
Richmond Aphasia Support Group
Meets: Meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Contact: Lynn Burris Phone: (804) 439-2657 ricaphasia@yahoo.com • Meets at: Weinsten JCC Address: 5403 Monument Ave., Richmond, Virginia 23230
Richmond Support Group (for adults with TBI, family, friends)*
Meets: Meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:15 p.m. Contact: Richmond BIAV office Phone: (804) 355- 5748 info@biav.net • Meets at: Auditorium of Children’s Hospital Address: 2924 Brook Rd., Richmond, Virginia 23220
Richmond Supportive Survivors (for adults with TBI, family, friends)
Meets: Meets Tuesdays 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Contact: Ted Taylor Phone: (804) 852-6644 taylorted58@yahoo.com • Meets at: Food Court at the Regency Square Mall Address: 1420 Parham Road, Richmond, Virginia 23229

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