Rules & Grading Policy

Rules & Grading Policy

The following are rules and guidelines for the Physical Education Program at Shady Grove Elementary School (all rules are posted in the multipurpose room):

Rule #1                        Gym Shoes are Required, Dress for Safety – For safety reasons, children are required to wear tennis shoes on days when they have physical education class. Furthermore, children’s wrists, ankles, fingers, and necks must be free of jewelry and other items while participating in physical education class. If children wear items of this type to physical education class, they will be required to remove the item.  To prevent the items from being lost or misplaced, the item(s) will be placed in a plastic bag and sent home with a reminder note. (Parent and Student Handbook, page 14)

Rule #2                        Quiet When Entering and Leaving the Gym – Students will enter the gym at a voice level “0” and sit quietly on the “hello” line.  At the completion of a lesson students will report to the “good-bye” line and maintain a level “0” until the teacher arrives.

Rule #3                        No Food or Drink Allowed in the Gym – When students are present in the gym for any occasion they should not consume food or drink.

Rule #4                        When the Whistle Blows – Stop, Look, and Listen – If the instructor blows the whistle, says “freeze” or claps a pattern, the students should immediately STOP, LOOK and LISTEN for directions.

Grading Policy for Physical Education

All report cards K-5 will utilize the participation standards below

Designation Descriptor
S – Satisfactory When present, student comes prepared and participates to the best of his/her ability.
N – Needs Improvement When present, student comes unprepared and does not participate.  Two class periods of non-participation (noted in the online grade book) and documentation of a parental contact will be required.