Back To Work


We continue to work on classroom behavior and work expectations. Students are doing a great job in learning the routines and what is expected of them. I have enjoyed getting to know each of their little personalities.

In Virginia Studies we continue to work on learning Virginia’s bordering states and regions. Please be sure to review this information with your child and do not wait until the day before the test. Next, we will add the major waterways and cities to what we have already learned.

In Math place value is our focus. We have discussed the place and value of given digits. We have also worked on rounding and comparing numbers. Students will be tested on this information Wednesday.

We have begun homework routines, which includes me checking to make sure assignments are completed. Remember that completed homework will be averaged at the end of the nine weeks for a test grade.

Please be sure to click around the links at the top of the page for additional helpful information. There are links to websites for practice or just more information on a topic.

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