The Smart Cookies explored pumpkins today through hands-on math and science activities. We examined if they would sink or float, if bigger pumpkins had more seeds than smaller pumpkins, compared the sizes of the seeds and the number of creases, and measured the circumference, height, and weight!

Cookies, what was something surprising you learned? What was your favorite part?

Here’s what Anya thought about the pumpkin guts- yuuuuuck!!

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A Day at the Theater

Today, the Smart Cookies attended a performance of Mr. Popper’s Penguins. We were all surprised to discover the amazing engineering of the penguins (and slightly disappointed to find they didn’t use real animals)! Special thanks to Mrs. Bricks and Mr. Rosengren for joining us today. 🙂

What else did you like about the play? Would you like to read the book the play was based on?

Officer Sheehan Stopped By

Our School Resource Officer, Officer Sheehan with the HCPS Police Department, stopped by on Tuesday to talk about cyber safety, helping the community, and her experiences on the force. She even volunteered to come back as a Mystery Reader for us!

Smart Cookies, what questions do you still have for Officer Sheehan?

Place Value Games

The Smart Cookies started some place value math stations today. We introduced “Choose 5,” a card game, and “Roll a Number,” a dice game to help solidify place value through the hundred thousands and the three forms: expanded, written, and standard. 

Which one was your favorite and why?