DRUM Bake Sale!!

Dear 3rd Grade Families,

Would you like a delicious refreshment before the DRUM concert on Tuesday? We’ve got lots of yummy treats like brownies, cookies and cupcakes. We also have drinks like lemonade and bottled water! Please bring cash and we hope to see you between 6:10 – 6:55 on Tuesday the 19th. Or: please click here to donate directly online. Just add “Short Pump” in the comments section.

THANK YOU!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ms.Booth’s Class

Moon Phases

The Smart Cookies learned about cycles in space, including day and night, tides, and seasons. To help make learning about moon phases a little more exciting, we used Oreo cookies! These Smart Cookies created the entire cycle–from new moon to full moon to back again–correctly on the first try using their chocolate wafer cookies and the white icing! Click here to see all of the photos from the day. 

Smart Cookies, what would you change about the activity for next time?

100th Day

The Smart Cookies celebrated being 100 days smarter with a variety of math, science, and writing activities. The morning kicked off building a Lego structure out of 100 pieces and stacking 100 cups into various designs. During writing time, we created 100 pieces of inspiration and encouragement on Post-It notes and stuck them onto a posterboard with a secret message written on it! As people throughout the school take a note, the message (“Sprinkle kindness like confetti!”) will be revealed.

Smart Cookies, what was your favorite part of the day? Have you received a message? How did it make you feel to create kindness for others?