Week of January 22

Our learning objectives this week:

Reading-setting (when and where the story takes place)/main idea and details

Math-meaning of the equal sign, equality, balanced equations (3+1=2+2)

Social Studies-economics (needs and wants/goods and services/consumer and producer/ saving and spending)

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, January 26th End of 2nd marking period

Monday, January 29th Student holiday

Monday, February 5th Parent/Teacher conferences; Spirit Night at Lehja

Friday, February 9th Family Formal Dance 6:30-8:30pm (please RSVP)

About awdavidson

I am so excited to be teaching 1st grade at Colonial Trail! This is my 15th year teaching. I transferred from Hanover County to Henrico County. I have 2 daughters and my husband is also a teacher.
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