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Hello, Forrester families!

Thank you in advance for your support at home, and please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. 




Colonial Trail PTA is hoping to have 100% participation this year with parent membership. Please find the link on the lower right corner of this page to become a member today!




Science and Social Studies

This year, our class will be alternating our science and social studies units. Since we will be alternating content areas of study, you can expect your child to begin bringing home the social studies OR their science journal in their expandable file each night. This is here for students to use as a study tool as we move through the unit. Please make sure your child’s journal comes back to school each day to use in the classroom during instruction. 

We are continuing our ecosystems unit this week in studying animal relationships, interdependency, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. We will finish this unit on October 22nd and test on this unit on October 23rd. After this, we will switch back to Social Studies and begin our unit on maps!


We have been working hard on our Place Value Unit. We have learned to read numbers up to six digits and write them all four ways (standard form, word form, expanded form, and picture form). We have compared numbers (<, >, =) and ordered them from least to greatest and greatest to least. We have also rounded numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousands place. We will be testing on these skills this Wednesday, October 9th.

In math this year, we will be putting MANY notes and practice information in our math journals for review at home. I encourage students and families to review their journals at least a few times a week to be sure they are familiar with all information and prepared for any upcoming assessments. As always, I appreciate your support at home to help your child be successful!




Tuesday Folders

Please remember to check your child’s Tuesday folder every week. These folders contain graded papers, flyers on upcoming school events, and other important notices. All papers, tests, etc. that have been graded will go home in this folder weekly. In the back of this folder is a sheet that should be signed weekly. Please be sure to check this for important dates as well.

Reading logs

Beginning September 9th, students will be required to complete a weekly reading log. This log will be checked each Friday for completeness and parent signature. Each student is required to read a total of 20 minutes each night (Monday-Thursday). 

Mrs. Forrester’s Resource Schedule:

Monday: PE (11:05-11:45)

Tuesday: Library (11:05-11:45)

Wednesday: Music (11:05-11:45)

Thursday: PE (11:05-11:45)

Friday: Art (11:05-11:45)

Guidance: Once a month

Lunch 12:15-12:45


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