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Welcome to Third Grade!

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Happy New Year! I look forward to spending time with you and your kiddos in 2019!


In math so far this year, we have worked with graphing, place value, rounding numbers, addition and subtraction of large numbers, estimation, equality, multiplication and division strategies, and measurement. We have begun our new unit on temperature and will be moving to time soon after. By the time we finish these two units, we will be ending the third quarter and will be halfway through the year, believe it or not!


In social studies, we are learning a lot more about the geography of the world. We have learned about our 5 oceans and 7 continents, and we are moving on to learning some key landforms and water features found on these continents. Its been a lot of fun!


We are starting our next science unit next week on Food Chains. We will be testing on this unit on January 15th. Following this science unit, we will be flipping back to social studies as we begin learning about ancient Greece, Rome, and Mali. We also look forward to our International Day coming soon (date TBD). 


Please continue to check this blog for updated information!

Thanks for all your support at home!

Mrs. Forrester


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