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Welcome to Third Grade!

Posted by atforrester

Lots of fun going on in Third Grade!

We have had an awesome beginning to our year in Third Grade so far. We are learning our routines, making friends, and LEARNING so much together!


In math so far this year, we have worked with graphing, place value, rounding numbers, addition and subtraction of large numbers, and estimation. Pretty soon, we will be moving on to understanding equality and patterns. And we are only now rounding out the first quarter!


In social studies, we are learning a lot more about the geography of the world. We have learned about our 5 oceans and 7 continents, and we are moving on to learning some key landforms and water features found on these continents. Its been a lot of fun!


Our next science unit is on ecosystems. We will be learning about terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and how the plants and animals in each depend on each other. 


This is only the beginning to our awesome adventure together!


Please continue to check this blog for updated information!

Thanks for all your support at home!

Mrs. Forrester