Be A Pineapple!

Welcome Families and Guests to our class!

When you walk into our classroom, you will find students engaged in active learning.  In our classroom, gone are the rigid seating arrangements of the past.  We enlist the use of Flexible Seating; a variety of seating options, to enable your child to choose the type of seating that fits his or her learning and working style best.  Each day students are empowered with the opportunity to choose!

The main goal of flexible seating is to create a less traditionally structured and more student centered active learning space.  The idea of flexible seating is to have a variety of seating and learning areas including rugs, tables, bean bags, chairs, and experiential subject centers.  With flexible seating options, teachers are able to be more accessible and move around the room to talk and help each student.  Students create and participate in more hands on learning opportunities through active learning centers.

There is strong evidence that the best way to support learning is by actively moving, sitting on the floor, standing or walking around in class.  I truly enjoyed the learning experience I gained from incorporating flexible seating last year and I’m excited to see where the students will take me this year!