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We look forward to sharing our creativity with you!

Can You Spot the Pinch Pot?

Hi Friends!

My contribution to the HCPS Share Fair at the VAEA conference is a series of clay projects that all start with a pinch pot!


You can access step by step directions to these projects here:

Clay Pumpkins (Kindergarten)

Clay Teddy Bears (Grade 1)

Clay Monsters (2nd and 3rd Grades)

Clay Owls (3rd and 4th Grades)

Clay Turkeys (4th and 5th grades)

Art Participation Grades

This year all elementary art, music and PE teachers in Henrico County Public Schools will be giving quarterly participation grades.   The grades are either “S” or “N” (satisfactory/not satisfactory).  I will be recording a weekly participation grade for each student.  I have developed a rubric to describe art room participation:


If you would like to download this rubric click here.

A student with 2 or more days of non-participation can earn an “N”.  I will be in contact with you if your student is in danger of receiving an unsatisfactory grade.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me via e-mail ( asbarlett@henrico.k12.va.us ) or phone (804-343-6550).

Special thanks to www.ayearofmanyfirsts.blogspot for the basis of this rubric.

Life Through the Eyes of a Child

I want to bring the power of photography to my classroom!  Please consider contributing to my Donor’s Choose project.  I was inspired by this wonderful book:

Click here to contribute.  THANK YOU!!

The Art Room is BLOOMING!


sunflowerThis week we said good bye to summer and hello to fall by looking at the sunflower paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.  We learned that in order to accurately paint these flowers he studied them closely and made many practice drawings, or sketches, before he painted.

We worked like Van Gogh by making several sketches in our sketchbooks.  We looked at REAL sunflowers and drew the shapes and lines we saw.  We even found an inch worm!

At the end of our lesson we had a chance to share our sketches with our friends.  All students were encouraged to share kind, positive comments.  After a wonderful day of sketching and observing what do you think we will work on next week?!

Hear the true story of “Camille and the Sunflowers” as told by illustrator and author Laurence Anholt.

Click here to learn more about Van Gogh’s sunflowers at Britain’s National Gallery.

Getting Ready for Dot Day!

Student artists in grades K-5 are all working on projects inspired by the wonderful story about creativity called “The Dot,” written and illustrated by Peter Reynolds.  We will be celebrating International Dot Day on September 15 with students around the world!


If you haven’t read the story you can check it out here.

You can also learn more about Peter Reynolds and the Dot Day celebration by visiting the official International Dot Day website.

More to come, stay tuned!

Happy New (School) Year!

Welcome back, artists!  I hope you had a fun, creative summer!

I am very excited to see my school friends, old and new.

This year I will be traveling to Kaechele Elementary School each Monday and Tuesday.  I will be teaching at Arthur Ashe, Jr. Elementary School every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Please bookmark my blog to keep up with our artists.  Have a great school year!

Singing Makes Us Happy!

First grade artists love to sing!  We started self-portraits by looking at our faces very closely in the mirror.  We looked at our smiles and drew the details we saw.  While we worked we listened to Pharell’s “Happy” song and sang along!  We will finish them this week with some  happy painting!



Clay Garden Gnomes

We are ready for spring…fifth graders had so much fun making these clay garden gnomes!


Pinch Pot Owls!

So many wonderful clay projects begin with a pinch pot.  Check out these owls made by my fourth graders!





They were glazed today and will be shiny and colorful next Monday!

Romare Bearden-inspired Jazz Collages

imageThird grade artists learned about Romare Bearden and his love and appreciation for jazz.  He was a collage artist inspired by music.  We  made guitar collages by observing our classroom art guitar!


Arthur Ashe Elementary School Art Blog

 Welcome to the Arthur Ashe Elementary Art PEACE Project!

The artists at Arthur Ashe have been learning about art and artists that promote PEACE.  To learn more about our PEACE projects check out our interactive Arthur Ashe Peace Project blog!

Artists can promote PEACE by inspiring others to treat each other and the earth kindly.  Artist Shepard Fairey is famous for his red, white and blue portrait of President Barack Obama.  Shepard Fairey also designed this advertisement to encourage people to donate food to those in need.

In this spirit our 4th grade artists made posters to inspire others to donate school supplies for our friends in need.  Our school is currently partnered with Varina High School in an effort to collect school supplies for children in New York effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Our project is called “Pencils for Pals”

We have adopted Rhame Avenue Elementary School and St. Rose of Lima in Rockaway, New York.

All items collected will be delivered to the schools during our Holiday Break!  Please consider donating by dropping items off at Arthur Ashe Elementary School or Varina High School no later than December 21, 2012.  Thank you!