Love is in Room 18

Happy Valentine’s Week! We are continuing to explore and learn in room 18, and, in my opinion, we’re having a lot of fun doing it! Over the last few weeks, we tested the effects of different liquids on the same solid, welcomed a new student to our class, and explored ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. We had a special visitor join us to share a lot of fun facts about Greece– did you know the ancient Greeks often traveled through tunnels? We have also showed our school spirit by rockin’ our favorite stuffed animals, pajamas, and NFL gear to help our school raise over $1,000 for Maymont’s Adopt-an-Animal program. We’re continuing to Let our Kindness Shine this week by exchanging Valentines with our classmates– don’t forget your homemade box or bag on Wednesday! Check out some of the pictures I’ve been able to capture!


Pajama Day made learning very comfy!

On Friday, we used Google Classroom to demonstrate our understanding of Ancient Rome using Google Slides! These kids impress me!


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