Let it … warm up!

Happy (4th) Snow Day! It’s hard to believe such a small snowfall has created such harsh conditions!

I finally found some time to update this for you all, so here are some pictures of what’s been going on in our class since Thanksgiving!

Adaptation stations were a lot of fun! Students explored different tail types with pipe cleaner and foam paper! We also ran our hands under cold water and warmed them up in blubber!

Shady Grove’s Annual Thanksgiving Parade was a hit and the kids LOVED spending the day creating our ecosystem wall murals! Our class created a mural of the savanna and the ocean!

The parent-provided Cheez-its made solving for area and perimeter so much fun!

Thank you to all of the parents who donated and volunteered to make our Traditions Festival a success! A special thank you to Mrs. Shapiro, our room mom, for all of her efforts to coordinate with everyone. In Italy, we learned about La Befana and made mosaic windows. In China, the students learned about the Chinese New Year and made Chinese dragons! We spun dreidels for Hannukah in Jerusalem and learned about India’s Festival of Lights, Diwali. We ended our day in Mexico making donkey pinatas.┬áThe children had a blast before heading to the gym for the Jingle Bell Jam. What a day!

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