Skittles & Towers

Happy Friday, Parents! We had a great time in room 18 today! As mathematicians, we collected data and created delicious graphs during math! Can your child explain the difference between a tally chart, a bar graph, a pictograph, and a line plot to you? Can they answer questions about the data presented in these different graphs?

We also worked on our character development, cooperation, and had a STEM challenge. Given one piece of a construction paper, 12 inches of masking tape, and one pair of scissors, can you you create a free-standing tower? Here’s how some of them turned out!

And FINALLY, thank you to our Hurricane Helpers! Room 18 was proud to donate to the school drive! Thank you for finding the time to contribute! I know this is a hectic time of year with back-to-school and sports beginning!

What a Fun Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

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