The countdown begins…

Parents, As we move into the final marking period, check out these pictures from the last couple of months. As always, we’ve been having a lot of fun in room 18… and, as always, I’m a little behind on the blog update! Since my last post we exchanged valentines with our friends, dressed as we think we will when we’re 100, enjoyed an earned reward of a class full of forts, bartered silently during our study of Ancient Mali, created prisms of artificial snow with the MSiC, tasted real snowflakes on the bus loop AND enjoyed African music during Tales of the Griot! We even earned three spots on Dr. Austin’s Pride of the Principal board! We’re in the final stretch– let’s stay focused and finish strong, Cardinals!

Snacks with valentines…


I loved the creative outfits!

Fort Day was a huge success!

Here we are waiting patiently to barter…

The artificial snow was fun … but there’s nothing like the real thing!


King Lucas represented us so well! Even some of the third grade teachers made their way to the stage…

Your students have been impressing me… I had to share some of our accomplishments with Dr. Austin!

Until next time,

Mrs. Wilhite

3-D Printer, Anyone?

My goal this year is to branch out with my use of technology in the classroom. We have used Google Classroom to work on a slide show about Ancient Rome and today we entered the STEM lab to start a lesson that will allow each student to print from the 3-D Printer! Here’s a sneak peak!

Love is in Room 18

Happy Valentine’s Week! We are continuing to explore and learn in room 18, and, in my opinion, we’re having a lot of fun doing it! Over the last few weeks, we tested the effects of different liquids on the same solid, welcomed a new student to our class, and explored ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. We had a special visitor join us to share a lot of fun facts about Greece– did you know the ancient Greeks often traveled through tunnels? We have also showed our school spirit by rockin’ our favorite stuffed animals, pajamas, and NFL gear to help our school raise over $1,000 for Maymont’s Adopt-an-Animal program. We’re continuing to Let our Kindness Shine this week by exchanging Valentines with our classmates– don’t forget your homemade box or bag on Wednesday! Check out some of the pictures I’ve been able to capture!


Pajama Day made learning very comfy!

On Friday, we used Google Classroom to demonstrate our understanding of Ancient Rome using Google Slides! These kids impress me!


What a week!

Last night’s Curriculum Night was a HUGE success! Thank you to our two Cardinals who participated with an at-home project! Today, we were amazed with Skateboard Science in the gym! A couple of our classmates were chosen to participate! What a busy week back from the snow! Have a great weekend!


Let it … warm up!

Happy (4th) Snow Day! It’s hard to believe such a small snowfall has created such harsh conditions!

I finally found some time to update this for you all, so here are some pictures of what’s been going on in our class since Thanksgiving!

Adaptation stations were a lot of fun! Students explored different tail types with pipe cleaner and foam paper! We also ran our hands under cold water and warmed them up in blubber!

Shady Grove’s Annual Thanksgiving Parade was a hit and the kids LOVED spending the day creating our ecosystem wall murals! Our class created a mural of the savanna and the ocean!

The parent-provided Cheez-its made solving for area and perimeter so much fun!

Thank you to all of the parents who donated and volunteered to make our Traditions Festival a success! A special thank you to Mrs. Shapiro, our room mom, for all of her efforts to coordinate with everyone. In Italy, we learned about La Befana and made mosaic windows. In China, the students learned about the Chinese New Year and made Chinese dragons! We spun dreidels for Hannukah in Jerusalem and learned about India’s Festival of Lights, Diwali. We ended our day in Mexico making donkey pinatas. The children had a blast before heading to the gym for the Jingle Bell Jam. What a day!

The Virginia Living Museum


Please take a peek at some of the pictures our wonderful chaperones captured of your children learning during our visit to The Virginia Living Museum. We had a wonderful time applying our knowledge of ecosystems! I was impressed with the conversations the students exchanged and loved seeing their enthusiasm. We had a wonderful time!

Working Together

To help students apply their understanding of the places in a 6-digit number, we created human numbers. Students got into small groups with digits and commas to separate the periods. After following given directions (the ones place should be even, the tens place should be greater than 5, and etc), we read each group’s number aloud and discussed the different values and places. So fun!

We also used Play-Doh to create maps of Europe! The children worked well together to create an accurate map. Their creativity impresses me daily!


Skittles & Towers

Happy Friday, Parents! We had a great time in room 18 today! As mathematicians, we collected data and created delicious graphs during math! Can your child explain the difference between a tally chart, a bar graph, a pictograph, and a line plot to you? Can they answer questions about the data presented in these different graphs?

We also worked on our character development, cooperation, and had a STEM challenge. Given one piece of a construction paper, 12 inches of masking tape, and one pair of scissors, can you you create a free-standing tower? Here’s how some of them turned out!

And FINALLY, thank you to our Hurricane Helpers! Room 18 was proud to donate to the school drive! Thank you for finding the time to contribute! I know this is a hectic time of year with back-to-school and sports beginning!

What a Fun Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Welcome back, Cardinals!

It’s hard to believe how quickly summer passed us! I am looking forward to the new school year and think we got off to a great start! Here are a few pictures I took during our character lesson on cooperation. The students did an excellent job following directions and working together to accomplish a task! They were so proud when they solved their puzzles!