Theme Days and Time Capsule

Wow! The end of the year has arrived! In 2nd grade, we will be celebrating theme days during the last two weeks of school. I know this is a busy time for parents as well, so I will be talking with the students about how they need to be responsible for bringing their belongings into school and not relying on a parent to organize it for them! If you are interested in donating any items for our theme days, please check out this link! Thank you!

In addition, a tradition of room 12 is to make a time capsule! We will be making time capsules for the students to keep for ten years…until high school graduation in 2028! I would love for you all to write your student a note or card and include any pictures you might want to put in the time capsule. It can be ANYTHING from what they like to do, fun facts about them, what you love about your child, etc. I will be placing several treasures in there as well. I will also encourage them to bring in small items to put in such as a crayon if they like drawing or nail polish or Pokeman cards…ANYTHING that that represents them! JUST REMEMBER…whatever is sent in must be able to be folded to fit into a wide mouth Mason jar. Notes, pictures, treasures, etc. will be DUE BY JUNE 11!  Thank you for your help! It is such a FUN project for the students!



Pizza Delivery Night

Information came home about our Pizza Delivery Night yesterday! It is coming soon on March 8th!

A few pieces of information for you:

I will be partnering with Mrs. Bouton and Ms. Phares for my delivery team! We hope that we will get lucky enough to get to your house…I made it to a few of your houses last year! When you order, you can list my name and their names as well. ALSO…if you have more than one student, please make sure to list both/all of their teachers when you order!

We are hoping to get more than 65% of our class to order so we can earn a pizza party!  This is a great fundraiser for our school and so much fun for all! Feel free to share with any neighbors or relatives in the delivery area.

Pre-orders MUST be done by midnight on March 7th to count for our class!

Thank you for your support! Let me know if you have any questions! We hope to see you that night!