Music Performance

Happy snow day! The music performance at the PTA meeting is ON tomorrow at 6:30! Please have your child arrive in the classroom between 6:15-6:20. Parents will need to take all coats, etc. with you because we will not be returning to the classroom. Please check your reminders from Mrs. Franklin for details about clothing and what your child should wear! See you tomorrow evening!

Thank You

Thank you all so much for making our student teacher, Miss Yanes, feel so welcome in the classroom! I really appreciate all of the gifts and donations for her going away present. She was very overwhelmed with the gifts! Now she is all set to get her own classroom started. Thank you all so much!


We had such a fun and messy time today! Check out our pictures!

Thank you so much for all of the supply donations! We couldn’t have done it without them! Special thanks to our parent volunteers today who were good sports and did a FANTASTIC job!


Thank you so much for the pumpkin donations and especially to our parent volunteers for helping us complete a successful science investigation today! (Check out our photos!)

We had so much fun and used many skills and concepts across a lot of curriculum areas. Unfortunately, we had one pumpkin that was rotten on the inside. BUT…it led to a lot of scientific discussions about the life cycle of a pumpkin. We even discovered several seeds sprouting in this pumpkin. After much discussion and observation, one student suggested we plant them.

As a class, we decided to do another surprise scientific investigation! We took the seeds that sprouted and some seeds that were normal and planted them in our 2nd grade garden bed. We are going to compare the sprouted seeds and normal seeds over the next few weeks. (Yes…we are aware this is not the time to plant them but who knows!) So we got lucky to have that pumpkin rotting…it sparked a completely new lesson!