What is School Counseling?

There are three main aspects of any comprehensive elementary school counseling program: classroom guidance, small group guidance, and individual counseling.

Classroom Guidance is a series of whole classroom lessons that are given once a month in each classroom. The topics of these lessons are based on our Word of the Month (see bar on the right). In a typical lesson, we review positive behaviors, learn about our new character trait, and learn ways to use that trait in everyday life. This is accomplished through teaching, games, and activities.

Small Groups are available through parent or teacher suggestion (always with parent permission regardless of who refers). These groups usually run about 6-8 weeks meeting once a week. Some of the groups available, depending on school need are: Keeping Your Cool (stress and anger management), Changing Families (understanding divorce), Hands on Healing (grief counseling), and Super Skills (getting along with others). Teachers and parents will be able to request a spot in one of these groups later in the year.

Individual Counseling is available to students on an as-needed or on a bi-weekly basis. As-needed counseling is usually prompted by the student by asking the teacher for a pass or by filling out a self-referral sheet that is put in the Counseling Mailbox. These sessions are typically about friendship conflicts or school work. Following one of these sessions, a note will be sent home to inform the parent that we met. Bi-weekly counseling is by parent request and only with parent permission. This may be requested due to changes in the family, a pattern of nervous or unhappy behaviors or other reasons. Parent contact can be made following these sessions.

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