You Feel What You Feel…

Hello Lions! 

I don’t know about you, but Frozen and Frozen 2 have been a hot topic in my house. In one scene of Frozen 2, Sven (the reindeer) says, “You feel what you feel and those feelings are real.” Never has that felt more relevant than in these last few days. This situation is causing a mixture of emotions that seem to change quickly. With the announcement from the governor yesterday, we are all trying to process the loss of the rest of the year’s events and milestones. There were certainly tears in my house as my own second grader mourned the loss of what she thought the rest of the year would look like. I, too, am feeling so sad for our Lions and what this means for all of those traditional spring time events we all look forward to in celebration of our year. 

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When trying to process and help children (and adults!) with big feelings, a big first step is simply to name the feelings. I tell students that sometimes feelings can be mixed too. I use the analogy of Sweet Frog, a place many of our kids love to go. You can have more than one flavor sprinkled with more than one topping – or more than one feeling. Your “cup” might be filled with sadness, with some excitement and fear mixed in – or whatever combination you’re feeling. It’s important to acknowledge those feelings in order to be able to work passed them. 

Some great ways to work through those feels are with art, writing, music, or sharing in some other way. If your child is having some big feelings and wants to share with me, please feel free to reach out! Feel free to email me pictures, videos, or letters! If your child wants to create a googledoc with me, they can “share” to my email address and I’ll get a notification right away! While we may not be in the building, I’m still here for our Lions in anyway I can! We all have a lot of big feelings right now and I want to do my best to help our Lions (and Lion parents!) as we go “into the unknown” together. 

                       <3 Mrs. Hensley


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