More Ways to Explain

As we process the news that we’re going to be learning from home for a few more weeks, you might be getting more questions from your child about why this is happening – and as a mom, I know that the answers are hard. A familiar source, BrainPop, has put together a page to help explain and learn about COVID-19, staying healthy, and the ways we are working together as a country to stay safe. Many of our teachers use BrainPop on a daily basis, so they’re familiar with the characters and format. So, if you’re looking for another way to help your little ones understand, check out BrainPop at the link below! 

BrainPop – Coronavirus

For our older students, there’s a site called “This Week in Rap” that summarizes the big stories of the week. This week, it’s no surprise, is information about COVID-19 and the importance of credible sources for information. My own daughter’s teacher shared this to us today and I think it’s helping her understand a little more as well. (However, HCPS does not have any affiliation with This Week in Rap and does not necessarily endorse the site. As with anything on YouTube, please monitor children’s activity.) 

This Week in Rap

The old saying, Knowledge is Power, can help our children feel less anxious and more certain that the adults have a plan and that staying home is the best option for helping us all stay healthy! 

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