Bryant Steggall Survivor Letter

Dear Joesph Sher,

My name is Bryant Steggall, and I am a curator at the Virginia Holocaust Museum, in Richmond, Virginia.  I was looking through old photos and researching the photos, I found that your story relates to a picture. I read your story on line (, and could use your help to gather more information for our exhibit?

The picture I was looking at had four men digging a hill near an old village.  Two men faced towards the camera did not look very happy to be holding a shovel at all.  You said in your story that you had to cut down trees, dig trenches, and dig hills, and that appears to be what they are doing in the picture.  The age range in the picture appears to be between 25 and 70 years old.  In the picture, they looked very tired and stressed out, and looked like they needed to take a long nap.

I was wondering if the Virginia Holocaust Museum and I can use your story in our new exhibit so we can tell the stories of survivors during this horrible time frame.  It would be wonderful if you can share some more of your experience for the tourists of the museum!  How many men would dig at the same time?  And for how long at a time would you guys get a break?  Thanks so much!

Bryant Steggall