Holocaust Letter Jay Shashigari

Virginia Holocaust Museum

2000 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23223

September 30, 2012


Dear Karl Gorath, My name is Jay i am the curator at the Virginia Holocaust Museum, and as I was digging through the attic of our museum i stumbled onto your mugshot. And through further research on Google I found you were sent to a Concentration Camp for being gay. I admire that even though you were sent a concentration camp with a high likely hood of dying you still denied joining the Nazis. It must have been tough going to jail for something you were framed for, knowing your “innocent” in German laws. The reason the quoted innocent is, because most were only their for believing differently from Hitler and no one deserves to go to camp.

When i read your story online it had stated that you framed for being gay when a jealous lover reported you when they thought you were cheating on them. How had it felt when you were betrayed by someone you loved, and did talked to them after the war? Also it said when you transferred camps you got a red badge. Which gave you more respect and allowed you to escaped gay cruelty which you would have experienced by prisoners and SS guards. I feel the Holocaust was an imaginable evil of man, but we must remind ourselves of it so we cannot make the same mistake.

I hope the museum and i will be able to use your photo in our exhibit so we can explain the holocaust better to others. I have a few questions, but i don’t mind if you wouldn’t like to tell us your experience. How was sleeping quarters, did you see the people being buried, and if you could visit Auschwitz to explain to other what you went through do you think you could do it? Did the experience change you, if it did how did it change you . Thank you for reading my letter and hopefully answering it, i await your response.


Jay S.