Parker Ring- Circus Maximus and Sports

The topic I have for the Roman tours project is Roman sports. Some of the sports played then are very similar to the sports we play today. These sports are even in the Olympic games. Some of these games include running, discus throwing and wrestling. Many of these sports took place in the Circus Maximus or an arena similar to it. Some other sports played by the Romans were chariot races and animal shows. The Romans were able to hold the chariot races and import many exotic animals because of their great wealth. However, the people that competed in any of these sports were often social rejects. Participating in these sports took away from your dignity. Dignity and honor was extremely important to the Roman people at this time. This is why gladiators and slaves were often the participants.

Survivor Letter- Parker Ring

Virginia Holocaust Museum

2000 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23223



Dear Mr. Piechowski:


My name is Parker Ring. I am a curator at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. Recently we have been sent a series of photos of the Holocaust. I have found an interesting discovery concerning your story and the story of someone in one of the picture. I am writing to you because I saw a picture of Maximilian Kolbe, a priest killed in Auschwitz during the Holocaust. I have read about your remarkable story and have seen the similarities between your story and the story of Maximilian.


I have read that you escaped a concentration camp with two other people. You stole a car and drove right out of the front entrance to escape with two other people. One of the people you escaped with was also a priest. Maximilian Kolbe, the man in the picture, volunteered to take the place of someone to go to Auschwitz. Also, I have read that you were there when Maximilian Kolbe volunteered to take the place of a man to go to Auschwitz. Despite your escape both of your stories were very similar. You were both kept at Auschwitz and you had both seen each other. Maximilian Kolbe was a priest and you escaped with a priest.


Would you mind if we used your story here at the Virginia Holocaust Museum in our exhibit? It would help explain this terrible time in history to other and ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself. If you would let us use your story can you answer a few questions? When you were at the camp what was the punishment for trying to escape and what gave you the courage to attempt it? Did you know the people you escaped with well or were they just there when you escaped? How were priests treated in concentration camps? A lot of people gave up hope when at the camp. Why didn’t you? Thank you for everything. If you allow us to use your story it will help educate people unfamiliar with this tragedy and prevent it from happening again.



Parker Ring

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