Roman Games

My topic was the Roman Games and Circus Maximus.  One of the main events in the Circus Maximus was chariot racing.  The chariots were so hard to control they often crashed, this was called being shipwrecked.  Many racers and horses died from these events.  Gladiator battles were another big sport in Ancient Rome.  There were three main types of gladiators sometimes they were all in the same battle but often they were separated.  Most gladiators were prisoners because of the extremely high risk of this sport.  Lanistas were the gladiators’ bosses essentially, they told them when to fight and how to fight. All of these games were dangerous and much different than the sports we know today.

-Alex Patsell

(My citations are on Megan Connolly’s post)

A. Patsell Survivor letter

Virginia Holocaust Museum

2000 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23223



Dear Eva Galler:

Ms. Galler, I am Alex Patsell and I’m with the Virginia Holocaust Museum.  I hope you are doing well, I’m a curator at the Holocaust Museum in Richmond, Virginia.  We recently received a donation including many pictures from the Holocaust.  I have read your survivor story and I think that we could use your help to gather more information on a picture. Your experiences are very similar to what the people in the picture were experiencing and I would love to ask you some questions.


In your story you talk about how you first publicly embarrassed and segregated from the rest of your town and that people who used to be your friends laughed at you and all that you were forced to go through. You were then moved to ghettos and forced onto a train.  In the picture I am in charge of finding the story for there are many women and children getting on the train.  I feel as though this is similar to the experience you went through.  You escaped from the train to find that your brother and sister had died also trying to make a daring escape.  I feel as though many other survivors can relate to your story.


I would like to use your story in the exhibit but I need to ask some questions to fill in the blanks. You were forced to leave your mom, dad and younger siblings on the train, did you know in the moment you left you would never see them again? When you found your siblings dead in the snow and fled to the woods, did it ever cross your mind to see if anyone else was alive?  Finally, after you escaped and lived under a fake name, were you scared that people would discover who you really were?


Thank you so much for your help with the exhibit.  We hope to make our museum as accurate as possible.



Alex Patsell

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