Survivor Letter Conner Leake

Dear Schulz,

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya and I have recently come across a photo I think you may be in and was hoping you would be able to authenticate the photo itself. Along with this I have various questions I would love for you to answer. You see, I am a curator at a museum  and would love to hear your stories and experiences of when you were in WWII. I know this may be a sensitive subject and I am truly sorry but I must know for an exhibit I am putting up.

Did you know that you were sending the Jews to a camp where they were under harsh and brutal living conditions? If you did know what was your reaction and what did you do? What was your role in Hitler’s army? What was the best part about being in the army? what was the Worst part? What were the rallies like in German controlled territories? What were the living conditions like during your service? Was there a specific part of a daily routine that you hated and if so what?

I am a Curator and would love any and all information on this as you can. This subject is my favorite and recently I have been trying to look at this war objectively and trying to look at it from all sides so your story would be very much appreciated.

-Inigo Montoya