Andrew Kouvaras Religion

In ancient Rome the people worshiped many deities called gods which were great and powerful. They used them as a way to explain the natural world and all phenomena. There was a god to explain everything from the sun going up to earthquakes. Since  they believed the gods had control of earthquakes and the way crops grew they gave worship to them. These worships focused on sacrificing there livestock, slaves, and even children to the gods just for there favor. They also had great and ancient stories of people meeting the gods and even being there children. These stories explain how great monuments came to be and how places gained names and even how horses were made. The people of Rome believed and lived by what was said in the stories and this religion always in there daily lives.

Andrew Kouvaras Survivor Letter

Virginia Holocaust Museum

2000 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23223

December 7 2014

Dear Ms.Waldinger,

Hello my name is Andrew Kouvaras and I am the curator at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. It is my honor to speak with such a great person such as yourself. I am seeking interest in you and your story. I am currently in the process of  making additions to the museum with a new exhibit including different pictures of men women and objects from the holocaust. The items I am using include a photo of you after the war with a group of kindergartners who were displaced after world war II.I was very intrigued by this image and would like to learn more information about you and your story and how you ended up as teacher for  post war children.

As part of the exhibit i wish to have large amounts of information for some of the images because I only have so many images. You image is very intriguing.I know it was a hard time for you and your family but I am here to teach others of the foulness and atrocities that occurred during the era of your young life. I know you yourself would have be persecuted and but i don’t wish to focus solely on that if it pleases you. I know it was a long time ago but i also know how you helped those young children.

And so forth I come to you from the Bottom of my heart pleading that you may return me a letter. This is a very hard subject to teach but if not taught it may be forgotten. Thenceforth I must plead with you more. All ow me to know and use your story.The people of future eras need to know how bad things were and how good some people responded. You truly are one of the only people who can help my cause so in all I plead you help so we can make sure everyone knows of your suffer.


Andrew Kouvaras

Curator at the Virginia Holocaust Museum