Nicole Hyde: Roman Government

In ancient Rome they had many types of government. Around the time of Julius Caesar there was a type of government called a republic. The Romans copied the Greece’s idea of government, democracy, but changed it to where it best suited them. The Republic was appointed after the one-man rule in Rome. After the republic, it split into three branches. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Later on in ancient Rome there was a ruler named Julius Caesar. Caesar is known for many things, conquering Gaul, being the victor of the Roman civil war, and the dictator of Rome. Before he was assassinated, he was launching a series of political and social reforms. Julius Caesar is known as one of the most powerful leaders. The roman Republic later fell due to Octavian establishing the new empire instead of the republic.

Survivor Letter- N. Hyde

Virginia Holocaust Museum

2000 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23223

December 7, 2014


Dear Solomon Radasky:


Hello Mr. Radasky my name is Nicole Hyde, and I am one of the curators at the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond, Virginia. The museum is introducing a new exhibit that teaches people about the survivors of the holocaust and their experience during the holocaust. While all of the staff here, at the museum, has been preparing for the new exhibit by researching and looking at photographs during this time period, I have made some discoveries. After reading your survivor story I found many similarities between the one of the photographs I’ve been looking at and your story. I would really enjoy to hear more about your story and gather more information on this subject, it would be very helpful for our exhibit that we are preparing for.

In your story you described when you got the camp that the Nazi soldiers took your clothes and gave you a striped button down shirt, striped pants, and wooden shoes to wear. You also described the camp that you arrived to, Majdanek, to be another death camp. In the picture I have been analyzing for a couple of days, it shows the Nazi soldiers stripping men of there clothes and taking their belongings. Other Nazi soldiers are doing the same to other Jewish people and seems as if they are searching through their suit cases too.

If you wouldn’t mind I think your story and you experiences would be a great part of our exhibit, and I think many people would be very interested to hear about your life during the holocaust, being in the concentration, and losing all of your family.  If you agree to letting us to use your survivor story in the museum, would you mind just answering a few questions so I could get a better understanding of your life. In the photograph, it shows the Nazi soldiers taking away personal items from people and kind of being aggressive with some people. What did you think what going to happen? How were you feeling at that point in time, were afraid, angry, upset?  How did you stay positive? Did you ever just want to give up? And finally, how happy were you when you got out the hospital you were in after the camp?

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this letter. I hope you will consider being apart of exhibit and share/educate people on your story and the rest of Richmond Virginia.


Nicole Hyde

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