Survivor Letter__E. Heron

Virginia Holocaust Museum

2000 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23223



Dear Mr. Joseph Sher:

My name is Emily Heron, and I am contacting you regarding a photograph that I am using in a Virginia Holocaust Museum exhibit. After discovering the photos that I plan to feature in this exhibit, the idea to link them with real Holocaust survivors’ stories hit me. The particular photograph that I have related to you, which can be found here, depicts New Orleans-based Holocaust survivors on the steps of a Jewish Community Center. While not everyone in the picture has been identified, you are among the few that have been. After doing further research on you and your wife Rachel, I decided that your story would be very beneficial to the new exhibit. I would like to ask your permission to use what I have found and to ask a few questions that I have about your story. Regarding “Bloody Monday”, did the Germans not search houses? How was it that you were able to hide in the attic without them finding out? Another part of your story told about your sister Manya’s good friend. Why do you think she didn’t inquire about your sister when you visited? Why don’t you think she showed any care for you? When you arrived in New Orleans, what made you decide to stay there instead of moving to a different city or state? And finally, when there was a Nazi march in New Orleans, what were your thoughts and how did you go about dealing with it? Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I’d love it if you would answer these questions and allow me to use your survival story in the new exhibit.



Emily Heron