Brittney Dintaman- Circus Maximus and Sports

For the roman tours project, i did circus maximus and roman sports. While researching i have learned that roman people play very similar sports to what we play today. They started to play sports that we have in our Olympic games today. The topic i focused on was chariot races. Chariot Races were races with people (who were mostly slaves/ poor people) on a wagon that was decorated nicely and pulled by 2-10 horses. They families who are watching normally bet on who they think is going to win and sometimes fights break out in the stand over who is going to win. The chariot racers tied the rope that held the horses around their waist. If they happened to let go of the rope, they would get dragged on the ground by the horses and most likely die. Chariot races in ancient Rome were very competitive, they were the biggest sport back then. The Chariot races were held in Circus Maximus or an arena similar to it.  Romans also played games like: Wrestling, Discus Throwing, long jump, and running. All of these sports are played today in the Olympics. The most common of those sports was running. Everyone would run and it was held at Circus Maximus. Most of the games played in Rome were held at Circus Maximus.

Brittney Dintaman Survivor Letter

Dear Jeannine Burk,

My name is Brittney Dintaman, and I am the curator at the Virginia Holocaust Museum, in Richmond, Virginia. I was looking through old photos and researching the photos, I have discovered that your story relates to the picture. I read your story on line (, I noticed some similarities from your story to this picture and could use your help to gather more information for our exhibit.

The picture that I was looking at was taken in Nuremberg, Germany. In this picture it shows mean and women who look like they are outside on the street. There are about 5 women and 5 men, they are holding their hands up and their fingers are all together. Some of the people look happy and some of them look surprised in a bad way. Not only are there just men and women but there is also a little boy who is there also. In your story you say how the house that you were staying at, the lady who hide you in the outhouse when Hitler and the Nazis would parade in the streets. In this picture it seems like that is what is happening. All of the people in the picture are wearing sort of nice clothes and they are all leaning up against a fence.

I was wondering if the Virginia Holocaust Museum and I can use your story in our new exhibit so we can tell the stories of survivors of this terrible event in history.  If yes, Could you answer a few questions for me about this event? In your story you said how people would stand out on the streets when Hitler came by, why did they do that? Also you said how you would like to watch the people, did you see them doing this hand motion when he came by? And did the family that hid with ever do this hand motion, and what does it mean? Thank you for sharing your story with me.



Brittney Dintaman

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