Roman Tours Paragraph – Education – Kedar Kelkar

The Ancient Romans had a very different education system. Similar to many civilizations of the time period, only males received an education on political and scientific matters. Women were simply taught to take care of the home. This part of the culture even manifests itself in Vesta, the goddess of the hearth.  Both men and women mainly had their education administered by their parents; however, for education that could not be provided by their parents, Romans had tutor slaves. These tutor slaves or paedagogues possessed far more intelligence than an average Roman. For example, Seneca, the tutor of the emperor Nero, was a tutor, philosopher, dramatist, and statesman. Many families could send their boys to school. Students took notes by using a stone tablet with wax hardened over it. The students would then use a styli to carve into the wax. When they would have to reuse the tablet, they would heat the tablet to melt the wax and wait for it to cool again.

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